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February 07, 2010




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The Lions would be in the Super Bowl if they had Dave.

The caption should read, " A Road Not Taken".

Nice blue shirt, Dave!

The Lions are one of the few teams (Seahawks are another) who have never made it to the Super Bowl and never will until Hell freezes over twice.

Looks like the lion was hungry and ate part of Dave's leg.

Very macho-like.

Tackling dummy?

Didn't know you were such a buff dude.

naturally, he picks the team with the blue jersey.

I'm surprised that uniform was even allowed anywhere near the Super Bowl.(Actually Jeff, Seattle lost to the Steelers a few years back)

Nice picture Dave posing as a Lion

That was Margaret Thatcher's uniform.

If DAVE had this outfit on when he went to the Urinals...it explains why the guy next to him kept saying..."Who dat?"

He obviously thought he was in the wrong city, at the wrong time, in the wrong urinal.

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