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February 10, 2010


We hope you have plenty of supplies.

Snow use worrying

(Thanks to Mr. Tom Shroder)


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Looks like Tom's prepared.

that's the spirit Tom.

we're up to our butts in that white stuff here in central oHIo aswell.

Beer! it's what's for dinner!

I think was algore said was Global Worming and we all misunderstood.

They forgot the bread and milk.

What no chips or strong stuff?
Peppermint always takes my chills away.

I do know how Tom feels. Way to much snow this year in Iowa as well.

DC shut down, government not working, wait, that was redundant.

Same scene, ten hours later:

- little bottle and can-shaped holes in the snow, in an organized array
- dozens of emptied cans and bottles strewn about the scene, with several broken bottles mixed in
- a man lying face-down, shirtless in the center, gripping a tilted, half-full bottle
- "Tom" written in yellow along the bench

A forward thinking citizen.

Snow Beer sounds much better than 'sNo Beer!

We got quite a bit of the white stuff here. Nice assortment of beer thought but Dave, no cheese its to go with the beer.

Tom has been making good use of his time since taking the buyout.

I'd rather have a snow bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Very nice. Here in Boston it is raining. I guess the temperature gods didn't get the memo about the so-called "blizzard."

Here in Annapolis, the snow, she's a goin sideways!

*snork* @ trustf8 and cheesewhiz!

*sends Cheesie a Snuggie™ for to keep warm*

Also sends cocktail shaker over to dances in case there's another shakeup there. Time for dirty martinis. Stay safe!

Here's a cool website of traffic cams all over DC.

You can zoom around the city and watch the snow storm, live!


I miss snow days (I grew up in DC). All we get here in the South of Texas are hurricane days, which aren't nearly as much fun.

Got wodka?

Feh, storm wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. I get a kick out of listening to the national news reporters on the radio using their best crisis voice to describe the treacherous white-out blizzard conditions that have shut down Washington. Most of the time the reports are 3 or 4 hours old from before the snow stopped and the reporter is long since passed out in some bar.

Thanks Siouxie. I hope it's the new Who Dat model.

Here in Boston the so-called "Meteorologists" misjudged the storm and are now spending most of the broadcast telling us what we could've gotten.

Our outside-beer is just wet.


Here in slippy-slidey SoCal, we are having a beautiful break in weather and disasters.

*we live in La Crescenta - we are all very tired of helicopters, skip loaders, dump trucks and the endless media - also, checking in and out of our neighborhood*

We've gotten some half-tukuss sleet so I'm depressed no one in the neighborhood has had the chance do do this yet. The local weather teams are convinced we're all gonna die though I'm sure.

ditto Punkin

My power was out from 11 to 4:30. Then I shoveled two feet of snow from around my car. Now I'm relaxing with a hot cup of coffee.
Two pics:
At the height of the storm and after it died down a bit.

wiredog, I had no idea those lumps in the first picture were cars. What brave soul went out and shoveled his red car out? All we've had here in N.C. is some strong wind gusts but the skies were sunny and it was a balmy 33 degrees. I want Spring and I want it NOW! I'm tired of being cold,tired of hot chocolate, soup, and weathermen yakking about 'The Blizzard Of 2010'.

I've shoveled out my car twice. About to go out again.

In 94 days the beach house rentals in Ocean City open up. 94 days...

(((((((((warm hugs to the dawgman))))))))))

YIKES @ the photos. Dear Lord! WhyTH do you people live up there in the frozen tundra???

The cold keeps the pythons, gators, lizards, and most of the bugs down in Florida, where they belong.

Avoiding large snakes, etc. that does seem like a good reason to be in the snow. I'm glad I live on the West Coast, which is currently not particularly snowy.

I live near Buffalo NY and hahahahahahahaha

... sorry that was mean. Here's a Bailey's for all you folks getting our snow, hands glass to wiredog

cool pics, wiredog!

I seem to remember trying that back about 1968. Much to my surprise, the alcohol content of my beer did not keep it from freezing.

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