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February 18, 2010


Save The Cheeses

(Thanks to LeDud)


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i feel a bit peckish myself..


(its the cheese shop bit)

A woman with a skin condition was ordered to take a milk bath.

The milkman asked her, "Do you want it pastuerized?"

She replied, "No, just up to my chin."

We have a friend in cheeses.

there is actually a website out there called Cheeses of Nazareth.. i wouldnt make that up

No whey!

Surrender is emmenthaler.

No more Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?

Dang it queensbee, you beat me to the cheese sketch.


Well I'll bedam!

We are the world!
We are the cheesiest!

Is there some sort of Cheese Preserve where they could run free and breed? Where the slaughter and harvest of the cheeses would be illegal?

Now I'm really concerned.....

For Punkin

YEAH! Save the cheeses!

Oh wait, FRENCH cheese? Pah. Never mind.

For Queensbee, et al Cheeses of Nazareth The Documentary

The Lord works in mysterious wheys.

Hey what a coincidence. I’m going here this weekend for specialty cheese! My better half’s Grandfather was a Cheese maker and started this place!


Still haven’t learned the linky thing.

Why buy the cow when you can rennet?

"I wear the cheese. It does not wear me."

the very essence of Frenchness

Maybe that's what got the guy thrown off the airplane...

And by the way benefit concerts aren't always the answer...

Endangered Fromage WBAGNFARB

Benefit concert? That would be a gouda cause.


Someone in Texas really took out his frustration at the IRS. He took out part of a building too. Check the videos...


All together, now: "Cheese eating surrender ..........!"
I love cheeses. I've eaten some that even my daughter's dogs wouldn't try. And they eat poop.

thank you for that cheeses of nazareth video. i will of course, be getting in the handbasket now. but that was hysterical.

My Dogs love all kinds of Cheese!

Some good lines in the story.
'homogenization of the global palate'
'churns out just a handful of blockbuster varieties'
You know, I didn't realise that Blockbuster did cheese, other than most of their movies.

Down to only 3,000 fromageries? I'd better get busy...

It's sad to see all of the specialty shops and restaurants losing out in Europe... who will want to get on a plane to go to Le WallM@rt?

Sacre Bleucheese!

quell FRomage..., er, domage.

Tash, I get enough of Le WallM@rt here in the US.

Cheeses love me
This I know
For my waistline
Tells me so.
Provolone can do no wrong,
Muenster mild & blue cheese strong.
Yes, cheeses love me!
Sooooooo Fond-ue of me.
All taste so lovely!
It's grater than you know.

*snork* @ tf8!

Got the handbasket ready. You bring the cheezus...I'll bring the wine.

Siouxie -- your socks are blue?

And *snork* @ trustf8!

Steve H - "There were indications that Mr. Stack, 53, ...had conflicts with the I.R.S."

Ya think?

Aaaah, siouxie...

'A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou...'
Hey, lord! Look at us now!
Don't forget the beer & cheese
We're a-headin' down south
to do as we please ;)

what about those little round crackers.... i'm gettin in the handbasket now, yes.
snorks at you trustf8...

My handbasket stock is really going up!

Cheeses Saves.

Speaking of cheesie, anyone heard from Meanie the Blue today? I hope he's not sick or anything.

Omelette that one pass . . .

How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese? Charles de Gaulle

gettin' easier all the time, chuck...

All we are saaaaa-aying
Is give peas a chance...

Sorry, wrong thread.

ok..who cut the cheese?


Steve & Guin, the building that was hit by the plane-wielding pilot was only about 5 miles down the road from my house. All the Duckys are fine, thankfully, but it's been a heck of a day here.


Blessed are the cheesemakers, for they shall be call-----

Oh good. Meanie is okay.

Whoa! Glad all the ducklings are fine, JD!

Thanks, Guin. Me, too. Austin is usually such a friendly place to be; it's hard to believe it happened here.

I just heard about this JD. I'm glad everyone is okay and all your little ducklings are in a row and safe. I've been mad about my taxes before but never to that extreme! I have found that no matter how mad you get, you still have to pay them. Those nice people at the IRS told me so.

Duckness!! SOooooooooo glad you're all ok! I don't blame anyone for being mad at the IRS for having to pay their taxes (some in Congress seem to "forget" to do it every once in a while), but not to this extreme. Unfortunately, we gotta pay. We deal with the IRS ALL the time and most agents are not evil...just doing their job.


Anyone for fried blue cheese? (poor Meanie)

Thanks, cindy & Siouxie! I don't blame the guy for being angry, either; we as business owners have our own IRS horror stories, but going postal (taxal?) isn't the way to deal with the problem.

I like fried mozzarella sticks, myself. With marinara sauce. Yummm.

There will always be cheesew(h)iz

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