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February 14, 2010


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I'm speechless.

Nice wood.

Put out an APB for one "Dr. Jarvik".

Hey! They circumcised it and everything.

Yeah, it was only unattractive as a dead tree. That's so much better. Or not.

*refrains from making a woody joke*

The owner claims that it has religious significance, probably.

So, THAT'S the crotch the giant crab came from!

Mystery solved.

(geezer bad song reference)
see the tree, how big it's grown...

LOL Suz & insom.

Here's another one.

*I won't ... refrain frum ... *

Hmmmmmmmmm ... a tree that grows woodies ... could be a market for that sorta item ... anybuddy ready to study horticulture?

We're just full of "that" here in Arizona. I have a picture (which I won't post here) of me standing next to a giant rock in the shape of a penis. The picture was taken somewhere between Phoenix and Payson, but I don't remember where exactly.

I think that this guy is behind it.

btw, if you work for the government, state or a bank stay home tomorrow. It's Presidents Day which means there will be some great sales. I'm specifically directing this to Meanie the Blue who went to work this week when he didn't have to.

It looks like a half-completed carving of a woodchuck.

We should put a USC T-Shirt on it, then claim it was art, sponsored by Trojans.....

But if it was really from USC, it "wood" have been, um, much larger.

Thank you, nc. Please note that I didn't go to work today either, because it was a holiday (Arbor Day).

What is a Wooden Dia-log Generator?

Now if you have a picture of you standing next to a giant penis... uh, never mind.

So ... when it wuz still "uncarved" ... did the branches look like penii?

Merely curious ...

They didn't say what kind of tree it was. Do you suppose it's a hard wood?


If your tree is erect for more than four hours, see your botanist.

"Where did you get the idea?"
"I woke up one morning, and it just popped into my mind."

Does it get cold there? If so does it turn into a .... I just can't say it. Let's just say shrub.

It's erect because it's fantasizing about Twiggy.

"According to neighbors, the tree was dead and unattractive before it was carved into a giant erect penis."

Whereas now it's alive and beautiful? So why the complaints?

It looks like somebody had a lot of time on their hands. It's funny though.

*SNORK* @ SW - I've missed your humor 'round here!

Ty, diva ;-)

The artist.

Was Paul bunyon there by any chance?Now that is what I call wood.Of course mass quatities of liquor had to be involved1

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