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February 10, 2010


Thief commits robbery armed with a cup of coffee

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and nursecindy)


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*waves at cindy on the way to first cup of coffee*

I think Dave and I are the only ones awake this morning. It's that crisp Florida sunshine.


SNOWDAY* in NY, Jeff! (on 3rd cup a joe here)

*bets he's not missing it*

If it weren't for the environmental lobby, the coffee would be served in harmless styrofoam cups.

Waves back at Jeff. I can hear it now," He's packing a half mocha latte, we'd better do what he says."

Already on my second cup here in

It's decafeinated! He's shooting blanks!

Good one, Marty.

I'm usually more dangerous without my coffee.

Jeff, we'll save lots of the white stuff for you for when you get back.

"...'cooling-off' period." Hehe.

How bad must that coffee be if it makes an effective weapon?!

Maybe they were afraid of the shot of espresso?

Might want to switch to decaf.

Cuban coffee is lethal in more ways than one.

He later was released, because the police had no grounds to hold him.

If you outlaw coffee cups, only the criminals will have coffee cups.

Criminal: Give me your money or I will throw this grande latte with skim....

Hamelin? Didn't they have that rat problem they didn't want to pay for a few centuries back?

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