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February 16, 2010


Man, 21, Claims He was Beaten With 3-Hole Punch

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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That was easy!

Just think what Jack could do with one of those.

Then again, it's better than being punched with a 3-hole beater.

I worked for the government. My 3-hole punch was issued in, I believe, 1840. It could definitely have been considered a deadly weapon if I could have lifted it.

Which is why I only carry a two-hole punch.

Bring back my stapler!

Holy moley. i have an equally old 3 hole punch machine in my office. citing budget problems, they wont buy a new one. using has improved my musclez.

We also have an electric hole puncher, although it can only drill one hole at a time.

What Would Jack Do?

He's lucky he wasn't spindled and mutilated...

I'll bet he regrets going to that office equipment show now.

Due to its lethality, martial arts experts rarely use the three hole punch. Properly executed, a two hole punch will usually put your opponent on the ground.

Hey! *I* have a 3-hole punch, Dave, and I'm not afraid to use it! In fact, I was lusting over a new, improved one last night at Office Max.

I'm a sick woman.

" Your electronics or your life!"

Yes, you are Diva. *hides new three hole punch* But don't feel bad. I just left a home improvement store and bought a drill I've been lusting over. Ashamed to admit this since it's not 'girly' but I love building things. I have a question of the blog guys though. Why do men think women don't know how to use a power tool? The guy at the store said, "Are we going to build us a little table with that drill?" I had a table leg in my buggy. I should have used it. Probably would have worked better than the hole punch. I told him actually I was going to use the drill to put the table leg on. I was going to use my circular saw to cut the wood for the table.

cindy, you should have said, "Do you watch 24?" If he said yes, then you tell him "I'm going to do exactly what Jack Bauer would do if you said that to him."

Then drill him.

Technically, nc, the "guy" at the store was a Neanderthal, not a Homo sapiens. Please don't liken him to real guys.

Jeff, if he watched 24 he would know better than to make a redheaded woman that has a power saw mad. iykwim.

I just hope the reporter filed that story correctly.

Nursecindy -- why would guys think women don't know how to use things that plug in to increase their pleasure?

Cindy - you should have asked what stain to use to keep the blood from the torture sessions from running the finish.

Up until the 3-hole punch was used, that sounded like a very polite robbery.

Nursecindy, I work at a home improvement store part-time (call it Dome Hepot). That kind of attitude drives the female associates crazy. You can have an idiot guy who has no clue about repair totally ignore the advice of a female with 20 years experience in home improvement.

Oh, no ..... no, please ..... not ...... The Shredder!!!!!

As in this case, statistics show that more people are wounded with their own 3-hole punch than use them to wound others. I have a lock on my punch when it is not in the punch safe.

Cindy - "No, we are going to build us a coffin for the Home Depot clerk."

cindy, that guy was an idiot. I can barely use a hammer or a screwdriver but I wonder why they never asked me what I was going to do with the sharp new machete I was buying...

*hair flip*

When 3-hole punches are outlawed, only outlaws will have 3-hole punches.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!!*

(The judges award Siouxie a 9.2 for the hair flip)

When I see a woman buying a saw, I just assume that it is for cutting up the corpse.

NC, there's a woman in our town who runs her own one-woman handyman (handywoman? handyperson?) business. Complete with big pickup truck and a business name and slogan that I can't remember right now, but you know right away that the person coming to do the work is a woman.

*snork* @ Horace

Braniff, I believe the official term would be "handybabe".

Harken back to the old days of telecom, when men of absolute macho-ness would rather refuse the job, than work for the Project Manager assigned.
Yes, how could a mere slip of a girl possibly know the color code required for punching down a phone system cable board, much less the complexities of actually writing the program for the switch to be installed ? I won't even mention the fact that girls, can indeed, read floor plans.
Though I balked at the requirement of the hard hat - that always flattened my groovy hair-do.

Oh, and GO CINDY !!

*smacks* Meanie, because he asked for it*

So while the guy was at the hospital getting patched up did the perps come back for the electronics?

That's why I am for concealed letter opener carry.

When 3-hole punches are outlawed only outlaws will have 3-hole punches.

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