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February 07, 2010


...has one leg devoted to the Colts' offense, and one to defense.



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Shouldn't at least one leg be devoted to the kickers? Wait, maybe it's an entirely different leg ....

...and all is right with the world.

Still...Go Saints!

Confidential to Meanie: Say what?

meanie, I heard that the other leg has fullbacks, running backs, kickers,and a couple of cheerleaders names written on it.

One leg = offense, one leg = defense.

Fair and balanced, right?

Where are the Saints fans, Dave? Equal time!

Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet <3

Dave you should do color for the NFL network. Loosen those stiffs up a little bit.

Jeff, they're all roulezing and bons temping!

Leave to Dave to do fashion commentary at the Super Bowl.

Posh was unavailable, Horace. Still doing American Idle.

I just wanna know how he made those pants. I'd have some made up with Barry Manilow's album covers all over them and send them to Dave.

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