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February 08, 2010


Here's a detailed report.


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Next year: Niners!

Registration required, so I can't read it. Can't click through from the sidebar to your recent columns either. :-(

I just won't register to read newspapers online. That's how the WaPo lost me, now the Miami Herald. At least your blog is still accessible (for now).

YAY Dave! Perfect end to a perfect game! I too thought Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend looked and sounded a bit like they had escaped from one of the many seniors complexes in Florida. Maybe that's why they were chosen to do the show - they were the approximate age of most florida residents...

Who Dat and The Was. Awesomely played on both counts.

Took the day off again to watch it. Being in Australia, the game started at 10.30am so don't have to wait all day.
A young boy in a Super Bowl ad came out with an excellent new civic motto for Miami: "Keep your eyes off my mama, and keep your hands off my Dorittos."
Still can't believe that Peyton Manning appears to be human. Has he ever made a mistake in the clutch before?

Fabian, I loved that commercial. Very cute. Great article Dave.

Meh; crossgirl HATED that commercial and I wasn't too impressed, either.

Fabian, if you look into it you will find that Manning actually has a long history of losses, in the playoffs. Two years ago was the first time he ever did well in the playoffs.

I HATED that commercial too, CJ. And what was the deal with all the slapping ads and the pantsless guy ads?

And Betty White? WTFBBQ?

Who dat?

I was not impressed with many of the $2.5 million ads to be honest. I did like the 'spineless boyfriend' ad, though I couldn't tell you what it was for, and even though I'd need to be on a desert island to drink Bud™ or Bud Light™ by choice, I did like some of their many many ads.

I did like the Letterman-Oprah-Leno ad.

But Charles Barkley needs to step away from the T@co Bell and advertise SlimF@st.

When (What's Left Of) The Who started up with "Won't Get Fooled Again," the crowd was expecting to see David Caruso zoom in on one of those Everglades propeller boat things and dramatically whip off his sunglasses...

If they really wanted to get the crowd going they should have had Dave driven out in the Weinermobile™ and join them on stage.

The Who Dat put on a smashing show, in every way except the one we were all hoping for. Also, censored lyrics for "Who Are You" were a disappointment.

*checks Eb@y for denture auctions*

It was an exciting game. I loved all the insider updates, Dave. Thanks. Great postgame review also, as usual.

@JK - Delete your cookies and try again.

Pete Townshend; from a distance, he bears a certain resemblance to Janet Jackson's right nipple.

Dave was very happy when he wrote that. Very very happy (IYKWIM). Ecstatic, even.

I say that because, in my opinion as a guy of the male gender, there is nothing about any of those superannuated rockers that looks anything like any of the nicer parts of Janet Jackson.

Where else can you learn that the gestation period of an Indian Gill is seven months?

All the screaming chickens I blame on the crash of a Toyota Caramba into The Wheezermobile's Magic Bus' wheelchair lift.

Does Roger Dottery have emphysema?

Great bowl coverage, Dave! Sorry that bunch of helmutted guys took up so much time. I hear that next year they're going to decide the winner at the coin toss.

Dave loves Miami so much, he is offering to drive people home if they cannot get a flight out due to bad weather along the East Coast.

Still can't beat Shania Twain halftime. Geezer Age Wasteland.

Meanie, I was sitting there cringing, just waiting, KNOWING that the uncensored lyric would happen and taint (yes, taint) my p-nut's pristine little ears. whew!

PS: Pnut's favorite commercial was the one that featured dramatic chipmunk. :)

Great article!

Awesome reporting, Dave! I felt kinda sad for The Who. I thought Daltry was going to tear a groin muscle trying to reach those notes. Townsend looked like he was in serious pain. But the music was still rockin'.


I can picture a roomful of attorneys negotiating over stipulations that

"...whereas the party of the first part, hereafter known as the Party On The Left, shall not include in their Super Bowl XLIV halftime performance the original lyric of their song "Who Are You" that reads "...Who the F*** are you?", provided that:

the party of the second part, hereafter known as The Party On The Right, agrees to compensate the Party On The Left for such modification of their original copyrighted material by provision of free lifetime supplies of oatmeal and hearing aid batteries."

Ha! Indeed.

Daltrey did a crapload better than Carrie Underwood. If only her last note was drowned out by the jets flying over.

I was close to being "too happy to see" at that point, but did the censored lyric occur at the same point that Roger appeared to be lip-synching very badly? Or was that a technical audio-out-of-synch-with-video problem? Or was Rog really only faking it?

I mock their age somewhat in jest (still a bit ironic to see geezers singing songs of youthful rebellion), but they did do their reputation justice, I think, even if they didn't go out with the customary bang.

DPC - It didn't seem to me like there was any attempt to sing or mouth the authentic lyric, i.e., they self-censored (not the network).

Maybe some TiV0 techie can do a slo-mo-zoom analysis for us?

When (What's Left Of) The Who started up with "Won't Get Fooled Again," the crowd was expecting to see David Caruso zoom in on one of those Everglades propeller boat things and dramatically whip off his sunglasses...

Posted by: Lairbo | February 08, 2010 at 07:31 AM

Lairbo, Caruso didn't show because he was still looking for his sunglasses. He didn't realize that Pete Townshend had stolen them and was wearing them throughout the performance...

...And either I'm ready for the geezer bus myself, or The Who is on the downhill slide into obscurity, because I for the life of me couldn't remember Pete Townshend's name last night. Ask nursecindy.

Hell, I was doing good just to remember who Robin Robert Reynaud that Daltrey guy was...

At least they didn't have the nerve to sing sing, "Hope I die before I get old," as that ship sailed along with Betty White and Abe Vigoda.

Ah...memories of picking up a sliver of Peter Townsend's guitar after he smashed it at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh way back when....

back on the bus now

I was waiting for the key lyric also, but I think they segued into another song before they got to it.

I was underwhelmed by most of the ads. Some made no sense at all (a guy in a casket, filled with Dorito's and a TV? WTFBBQ?), some were just meh, some were just stupid. The Letterman/Leno was the most clever and unexpected. And what brainiac scheduled the Dockers men without pants commercial right after the Casual day commercial, filled with men without pants?

JK, you will find this site helpful in your principled stand.

Getting back to priorities, "Upper Deck Dentures" WBAGNFARB.

One of my co-workers thought Abe Vigoda was dead.

Abe Vigoda was in the Dead? Huh.

Based on last night's commercial, it's hard to tell if he is or not. Dead, that is.

Abe Vigoda wasn't dead?

So the Boy Scouts won?

But Charles Barkley needs to step away from the T@co Bell and advertise SlimF@st.

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | February 08, 2010 at 07:24 AM

I had the same thought, Jeff. Kinda like the Michelin man selling bicycle tires.

At least they didn't have the nerve to sing sing, "Hope I die before I get old," as that ship sailed along with Betty White and Abe Vigoda.

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson | February 08, 2010 at 10:23 AM

BEST comment of the thread!!! LOL

"Daltrey's Dentures" WBAGNFADentalClinic

Pssst Wes S. It's Roger Daltrey. Jeff, I would love to see you go up to Charles Barkley and tell him to step away from the T@co Bell and advertise SlimF@st.
So many negative, mean comments about The Who. Am I on the right blog? I still like them and liked the half time show.

Up-to-date Abe Vigoda status

as someone who saw the who on 8/8/76 (in miami!), i thought the show was wonderful... yeah, was it a coincidence that all 3 c.s.i. themes were in there, or do those happen to be 3 of their best songs? (or 3 of their songs the audience would recognize)?

*hangs poster out of the window of the magic geezer bus, drives away*

I thought the show was great. Although in Dave's article when I got to the "rolling out" part about the stage, I thought for sure he was going to say they rolled out Townshend and Daltrey. Oh, and I won a boatload of money on the game, so I have that going for me which is nice.

It would be grossly unfair to contrast last night's performance by The Who with the youthful exuberance and subversive attitude of one from, say, over forty-two years ago.

Be that as it may....

Tommy Smothers (himself a bit of a subversive, although he seemed clueless here) did not know what was about to hit him. And check out Townsend's expression after the tumult, despite being partially deafened.

Last night's performance, good as it was, could never have been expected to match the daring, anarchic Who of that time. Even if Keith Moon and John Entwhistle were still in there.

They were, and are, great.

Classic clip Meanie. Thank you. Keith Moon was one of the best drummers ever even though he was nuts. Rumor has it he never left a hotel without blowing up the toilet in his room. In fact I believe several hotel chains banned them permanently because of his antics.

insom, I saw them (in Miami) in the late 80's or early 90's (my old brain fails me at the moment)- and they were wonderful then. It was a great trip down memory lane for the geezer in me.

LOL Leetie - thanks for that update!

I thought the old Mods acquitted themselves well. I saw them once back around '67, opening for 'Erman's 'Ermits. (SRSLY)

I guess when you're in your 60s, Quadrophenic clashes with Rockers is a bit of a bother, even when they're yelling "Who Dat!" at the adjacent urinal.

Thank you, NotSherly and Richard the Weasel-Hearted for your kind thoughts. Richard, great site. I bookmarked it.

I'm so ashamed. Some guy on the comments under Dave's article made me mad earlier so I replied to his comment. Then he comes back and brags about the fact he has a Masters Degree and tells me to raise my hand. Okay so I had questioned if he had graduated from the second grade yet but still! I may have also implied that if he didn't like Dave's articles he should stop asking people to read them to him. So after he brags about having a Masters Degree, I told him I was a doctor. I'm going to blog commenter's jail I just know it.

Good on ya, Cindy ! Well played !!

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