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February 07, 2010


There's nobody here.



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Dave, are you sure that's Miami? I see the blue shirt. Maybe you phtoshopped yourself in there and you're (not your) really at home relaxing?


Um...Dave?? are we going to see some nekkid guys candid locker room photos from Mrs. Blog, the professional sportswriter?

It's because no one can find the stadium, with its ever-changing name!

What a great idea Siouxie! It will give us a chance to get to know the players better, iykwim.

They're all in the parking lot trying to figure out how to have a tailgate party without a grill. Thanks, Homeland Security!

So Dave, are you becoming a sports humor columnist?

Dave scared all the tourists away. The Super Bowl will be a big failure.

Everyone's snowed in up North.

The smart people are watching from home...safe from all the craziness.

I have beer. What more do I need?

What's up with all the sweaters there? It's almost 70 degrees in Miami. I'm sure wiredog feels their pain. Glad to see you dug out of the snow wiredog.

cindy, if you factor in the "wind chill", it's more like...well..in the 60's!!!! brrrrrrrrr!

I saw more people at the Lingerie Bowl last night. (LA defeated Chicago, for those who had money on that game.)

No dome ? What do you do when it snows ?

Siouxie, you need Chinese food. Or at least a plate of something deep-fried.

If ever there was a photo that needed the squirrelizer.. though I guess it has already stored all its nuts for the winter..

Now see, tek - I think we need a Barry-izer.

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