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February 09, 2010


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Ukranian elections ROCK!!!

I see Allen has been busy with the poRn this morning.

Hey, that picture looks awfully familiar.

If you've seen one election, you've seen them all.

Siouxie, I was concerned about the poor protesters (who, BTW, were much better-looking than our standard-grade protesters)...Do you have any idea how much it hurts to remove tape from nipples?!? Huh?!? Owwwwie!

Boy, you go to City Hall to exercise your democratic duty, and all of a sudden a GoDaddy commercial breaks out.

Those Ukraine girls really knock me out,
they leave the West behind . . .

Those strong girls make me sing and shout,

That Georgia's always on my my my my my my my my my my miiiiiiiiiind!

♫ Well the Ukraine girls are hip,
I really dig the tape they wear...
And the Georgian girls, with the way they chant
They knock me out when I protest there... ♬

Deffinately not your (not you're) typical Birkenstock and flanel feminists in the Ukraine.

Maybe the 24 writers should recreate a scene like this at the UN to keep us abreast of the situation in KamiWTFistan.

Ladies, you can do this here in the USA too you know . . .

Good job, bon & Allen!

Femen, whose members are mostly university students, drew international attention last summer by holding a protest against Ukraine's sex tourism trade where activists picketed in central Kiev wearing only their underwear.
Isn't this somewhat counter-productive? Judging by the pictures, I'm sure that there are now more pervs on the way to Ukraine. I know I'm waiting for my visa to come through...

Let us all please refrain from posting words that rhyme with "Femen."

Begin refraining now.

It is just amazing how four little strips of tape change distasteful to wonderful. I'm not sure what they wanted but I'm all up for it.

From "Dune": "Fremen"


Cheesie?? = Yemen?

*hair flip*

Apparently it was erection day in Ukraine.

Hey! I wore the same tape for my Christmas Card picture! It really doesn't hurt that much to remove Allen. First you have to get it soapy.

Uh, nursecindy, I'm startin' to feel a little funny . . .

It really doesn't hurt bonmot. Just get the tape very soapy and wet, grasp one end of the tape and pull slowly and gently. If you have very,long hair, like I do, make sure you pull it back. You don't want the tape to get stuck to your hair that is dangling down. Feel better now?

Pictures, cindy, pictures!

bon, you're looking a little funny too.

cindy, you may just have to perform mouth-to-mouth on the poor sickly man.

What are they thinking? "The Ukraine will continue to be forced to see cute topless protesters until democracy is established!" The Ukraine may remain undemocratic forever.

Love those Eastern European pasties. If Obama Girl had been really patriotic...

Well, now that they've gotten that off their chests....

Well, I may not know art, but I know an artist or two, and some con-artists ... but ... I know whut I like ...

Merely one question continues to rattle around in the space where my brain useta reside ... why "green" tape?

They do this... in February!?!

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