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February 18, 2010


Weatherman attacked by pelican on live TV

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Send the bird or the weatherman?

I'm guessing that the weatherman was wrong once too often and the pelican decided to retaliate.

I say send it to Washington.

A fearsome bird is the pelican...

They said it wasn't the first time he'd been pinched in the butt by a bird, but I suspect it wasn't the first time he'd seen a 14-inch pecker either.

Gads. They guy's hitting notes only dogs can hear.

I loved the way that put "PUSSY" across his face while he was screaming like a little girl.

Good for the bird. One of my pet peeves is "Meteorologists" who can talk for five minutes about fronts and temperature gradients and never tell you whether you need a coat tomorrow. For some reason, they're OBSESSED with Oklahoma and we don't live anywhere near there.
I long for the good old days when the Weatherman would come on and, in one minute, tell you what happened today. Then what you can expect for tonight and tomorrow. THEN SHUT UP.

You don't need a weatherman to know whose butt the bird chose.

He holds in his beak, enough ass for a week,
but I don't see how the hell he can!

Bonmot, if I didn't know better I'd say you were jealous...

Sissy. padraig, those were sort of my thoughts exactly. Kind of. NTTAWWT.

I often want to give the weatherman the bird.
They are frequently the butt of our jokes, as they usually talk out of their a*se.

Steve -- Good thing you do know better.

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