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February 07, 2010


This man is here specifically to protect me from the Miami Chamber of Commerce.



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Dave, make sure he's not a mole.

Did you pull his finger?

And he's doin' a FINE job of it, from this POV ...

They'll never recognize Dave. He has his glasses on.

Is that a penalty flag??


Now this one, I'll take.

Is it just me, or is that media pass growing with every picture?

He just looks like he's ready for a Miami-style celebration.


Is that a red dot on Dave's chest? Janet Napolitano has Dave in her sights.

(picture taken moments before Dave was shot in the leg)

Does the Security Guard have cooler with a six pack??

Enjoy all you Football fans..

Dave, it's true - your credentials are growing!

Or is it the adult beverages speaking?

That's Dave's new Real ID Florida license. There are a few special endorsements.

Oh, I'm pretty sure he has a six-pack, EB. Maybe even more.

I'd feel a lot better for Dave's sake if the guy didn't look so much like CTU's equivalent of a "redshirt"...

I so do not want to know what that black strap on his left leg ties down. (The soldier's leg, not Dave)

That strap ties down his weapon... heh heh

Nice rifle....is it for sale?

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