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February 22, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Russian Mobster Time. Be on this blog, or be a mouse-bearing frog.


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No one seems to understand why I yell "Set up a perimeter" at my kid's Monday night soccer practice.

That's actually a toad.

Alas, I will be working tonight so I can't watch Jack and Renee and next week too.

Love Stash and Marlena. You and Cherry Adair must love pearl necklaces. :-D

BTW Chapter 15... OMG... glad it's winter because that was hot.

"You and Cherry Adair must love pearl necklaces"

*Will not comment. Will not comment. Will not comment.*

*SMACKS* Hammie for thinking it.

*High Fives* Hammie for thinking it!

I know what nursecindy will say: "Montpelier."

Gennita, as my wife loves Cherry Adair (and Navy SEALs) she's adding your books to her list.

bon, I think it's a toad, too.

The correct answer is always Montpelier, Jeff. In fact I think 24 would be a better show if they set it in Montpelier. That's in Vermont right?

Odd, isn't it, that only on a girl's wedding day is it acceptable for her to pull a train . . .

*Looks around for Gennita*


I love Mondays. First I get my classic Dave Barry column in my email and then I get to rest for the remainder of the day in anticipation of 24. Life is good.

Anyone recognize this guy in sunglasses? Here's a hint.

Totally beneath you, nursecindy.

I think Dave may have given us a spoiler.

Apparently, there will be a frog-person and a little rat in tonight's hour.

Nice picture. That's Dana and Kevin, right? Or is it the other way round?

Also, can I get a tart without so much rat in it? If it's not too much bovver, innit.

cindy, you better duck after that.

It's funny, but whenever I heard someone say the word "perimeter" I involuntarily yell out "drink!"

cindy, I'd SMACK you if I didn't like you so much. I think we already know who the rat is on 24, don't we??

Thanks Siouxie. Occasionally I like to shake the blog up but I really shouldn't have done that. I gave 'the manilow who must not be named' up for lent. I have a pretty good idea of who the rat is.

Ready to go!

Excellent analysis of why the dems and reps should co-operate and compromise! Otherwise, more and more us peeps will be yelling "Throw the bums out!!! All of em!!!"

If a toad and a mouse can co-operate, why can't a
donkey and an elephant????

Jack has been shot, stabbed and kicked, and yet he keeps on ticking. This means thatJack is this year's safety poster guy at CTU;Jack was exposed to reverse krypnonite and is indestructable;Only thing that can stop Jack is Chloe's cold looks and a taser;Montpilier  pollcode.com free polls

Okay, I'm late guys, sorry. I caught a plane all the way from DC to be back here with y'all!

Problem is, the "perimeter" is made up of Naperville Squirrels.


Oooh! Stash and Marlena and pearl necklace! *grin Say no more. Glad you're enjoying the book. Hope you had a good laugh at Twitty Bird too.

Jeff Meyerson,

Thank you! Start with Into Danger. That's the closest to Adair. And yeah, pearl necklace plays an important part.

Don't listen to her, Renee! Cut off her thumb!

I agree, that's a toad.

No, wait, my mistake. It is a mouse.

Can't be here tonight either... work, but I'll be back next week!

Tweety is my favorite Looney Tunes character!

You made me cry with Nikki and Rick. Windchimes.

Vivi and Jazz... always love it when there's running in the jumgle.

Hawk and Amber... catfight. Steve and Steve and Stevie and Stephans. OMG, that's hilarious.

You gonna tell me to KR, keep reading, for T and Alex just like JR Ward does to her fans?

I'm so tempted to jump to Jed's book, but I'll read them in order. :-D

I have always loved SEALs, Spec Ops, Force Recon, spies, cops, mercs.

I'm enjoying your books a lot!

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