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February 07, 2010


It's right after the game, and I'm in a stadium men's room packed with men standing side-by-side at urinals. The man next to me is bellowing "WHO DAT! WHO DAT! C'MON DAMMIT, WHO DAT!" It is not clear who, or what, he is bellowing at.


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I suggest you act surprised to hear somone bellowing at you, and turn to see what the commotion is, and tinkle on his sneakers.

I wouldn't answer him, Dave. Sounds like he may have had a beer or twelve during the game. Thank you for no pictures of this.

He wants to know who farted.

As intoxicated as Dave's companion apparently is, djtonyb, I imagine he's already tinkled on his own sneakers and wouldn't even notice Dave's contribution.

Besides, Dave has enough people mad at him for one week... ;)

He was achieving harmonic convergence with the screaming chickens who needed a severe choking, but not in that indelicate way, NTTAWWT, in space.

Drew Brees, you've just won the Super Bowl ... where are going next?

Brees: Denny's!

Actually, Dat a nasty hangover a-waitin' for Mr. Bellows.

"Who Dat" is Cajun for "Who Dave"--he was obviously a fan who recognized you...

From Answers.com:

Who Dat?! is basically a rhetorical question used by New Orleans Saints fans to intimidate the opposing team and their fans.

The whole chant is "Who Dat?! Who Dat?! Who Dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?!" or others say it shortened as "Who Dat?! Who Dat?! Who Dat say gon' beat dem saints?!"

Drew Brees, you've just won the Super Bowl ... where are going next?

Brees: Denny's!

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | February 07, 2010 at 10:42 PM

Damn straight, Meanie. Free breakfast on Tuesday.

Who Dat? I believe Mr. Language Person needs to address this issue. After he sobers up, of course.

(Dave, at least the drunk wasn't pointing at you and yelling...WAT DAT???)

Sounds like an interesting time to say the least.

Guy couldn't recognize his own junk and because it wasn't his couldn't figure out the magic words to make it work.

In scientific terms, the specimen "Who Dat"s because he's looking for a response from one of his own species. This particular one thinks the toilet echo is his new best friend, and for all we know it is.

You were blogging from the men's room at the stadium?

Trying to visualize how you hold your phone, type on the phone, and hold the other thing you need to hold, all at once.

w-dog, maybe the "Who Dat" guy was helping.

padraig, next year it will be our Green Bay Packers out there playing in the Super Bowl. Please don't tell me you're not a Packers fan...

pad, dog - I just hope Dave washed his hands before blogging.

cindy, all I can do is sign this...

(assuming we can find and open a fresh can of cornerbacks, K. Warner wore ours out on his way into the sunset. A young but stout OT or two would be nice also.)

How many cheeseheads are on here? I'm from Milwaukee - soon to be covered in 10-14" of white stuff. I won't be going to Denny's tomorrow... But, I will be cheering for our finally Favre-less Packers.

Did you know that "La Quinta" is Spanish for "next to Denny's"?

Other Cindy - there's a few of us cheese whizzers but we keep our identities secret from Desk Diva. She's an at-flay ander-lay from Icago-Chay.

Thanks, pad. Yeah, I kinda got that. And, what's up with that other Packers and CUBS comment? (You know who you are.) Well, hope you're not too snowed in tomorrow. It’s all my fault for laughing at my sister on the east coast.

Long before the Saints hijacked the phrase, there was a politically incorrect ornithology joke about the difference between a white owl and a black owl....
One calls "who, who;" the other "who dat?"

Here's the story with the "who dat say who dat etc." joke. It has something to do with a wife committing adultery and the husband finding out and it's night and dark and the husband and the lover are trying to figure out who the other person is, both thinking the other is an intruder. So each of them says "Who dat" a couple times, and the punchline is "Who dat say dat last who dat." The speech is colloquial Black English, but the situation is universal; I think that is why it has survived

Bob Clampett used the 'who dat' joke in an all-black Loony Toon about Fats Waller in the early 40's, so it is at least that old.

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