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February 18, 2010


(Thanks to Guin)


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It has been a long time since I was able to post a worthless FURST! comment. So I did.

Waves at pogo! Evidently these people do not read this blog. We're always coming up with things that WBAGNFARB. Although for the life of me I cannot think of one right now.

Was Runaway Zebra already taken?

A local radio station used to have a contest "Rock Band or Race Horse". They'd give you a name and you had to identify it as one of the two. Nobody ever got four in a row correct.

Those WSJ reporters have gotten pretty shoddy since Murdoch took them over. Not even a mention of WBAGNFARB which is EASILY Googleable.

"What's the matter with 'Gangrene'?"

(To quote Ring Lardner, as he commented in a slightly different context.)

All you have to do is buy Dave's T-shirt, or have a ten-minute conversation with him. Sheesh.

As in every high school in the world, my students design album CD covers. As I demo, my personal rule is: just type, no thought whatsoever. My last band was "Dweemon," whose album, "After the Bailout" was a big hit I'm sure. This week it was "Designer Spiders." Yah, all the good names are taken.... all the good paintings have been painted.

Some of you may remember this; Everything that can be invented has been invented. Charles H.Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899.

"Every other name is taken" ?

"Ha," I say, and "ha" again.

Read the blog, dude.

In fact, Read the Blog WBAGNFARB.

YOU LACK IMAGINATION (Thanks to Guin) is opening for Everybody Was In The French Resistance at SxSW this year.

I checked on G00gle, and the names "Creatively Challenged" and "Unimaginative Geezer" are wide open for the taking.

Why does it bother me that rock band names aren't easily distinguished from race horse names?

I can understand the problem a little. When trying to come up with an unregistered name for my web site, I had more trouble than I thought I would.

On the other hand... come on! What do they mean GOOD names??? "Zombie Squirrel" isn't taken. Neither is "Munchable Gnomes" Those aren't good names?

Oddly enough I checked "Pentathlon Fungicide" and it is the name of a company (guess what they sell)... I don't know if that disqualifies it. I also must present it with the "Most unlikely Google Association" award.

Zombie Squirrel isn't taken? You're kidding!

On Google, "WBAGNFARB" has 9,940 entries.

"Iguanalism" has only one entry, and it's MINE, from this blog!

A Good Name for a Rock Band WBAGNFARB

I remember Duell sayin' that, n'cindy ... I wuz there when he said it ... my unvocalized response to that sentiment wuz, "Y'all ain't seen NUTHIN' yet!"

Country singers used to name their band after their first hit.

My son's band, Prodigium (Myspace.com/prodigiummetal), comes up first in Google. Cool. He's the buff shirtless guy named Nick. The screamer.

Down the page are names of bands they have played alongside. Arsonists Get All The Girls and Winds of Plague stand out. His last band was called Success or Six Feet.

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