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February 18, 2010


This just in.

(Thanks to Anil Haji)


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"this just in" - that's it. that's all that needs to be said. love it. ha.

Let me know how the submissive Wang did..... I'm just curious.

Short track? Even with all those exotic herbal supplements?

I'm pretty sure I'd be tripping all the time. Glad that's not a danger.

No wonder China's got 1.3 billion people . . . chicks with dicks!

The gender test should be interesting.

Wang remains unbeaten by anyone else.
She's 'holding her own'.

A girl Wang? Kinky.

There was a time when America had the Dominant Wang. This country's going to the dogs, I tell ya...

"I feel my 500m is stronger than it was in Turin."

Funny, you'd think the chilly conditions would cause, you know, shrinkage...

Didn't Dominant Wang open for Bad Company?

Hey - is she from Tickle Cock?

"Tickle Cock" was just the name of the bridge.

A bridge to your underwear.

I hesitate to put Wang and kicked in the same sentence, if you catch my drift.

Yes, but can Wang dang-doodle all night long?

You're going to dis me for this, but who cares.

Find something funny to make fun of. She's from China and it's her name. And by the way, she's an awesome athlete.


Did someone take the "Humor Site" sign down off the front door again?


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