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February 03, 2010


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Not Grand Junction? It's right up there with Leadville in my book. Or Smelterville, Idaho.

Asheville, NC made it as the 3rd most romantic place??? I've been there many times and have never gotten lucky but did get drunk on the excellent Biltmore House wine found it to be a lovely city but most romantic? One of the main attractions is the Biltmore House and if you ever go there when exiting the house look at the light to the right of the door. Several years ago I attempted to remove that light with my head and knocked myself out. There may be a plaque there now. I can personally atest to the fact it is made of iron and it doesn't move. Also the doctors at the hospital in Asheville are very nice and hardly laughed at all, in front of me.

I've been to both Asheville and Grand Junction. Trust me, Grand Junction is far less romantic than Asheville. If only because Asheville isn't in the middle of a desert that hits 120°F in the summer.

wiredog, a couple of blog ladies, who I will not name but have names that rhyme with Fannie, Floosie, and Mindy, have a bet on whether or not you're (not your) married. So?

I've been to Asheville and the Biltmore House a couple of times. Last time was when I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a fellow bloglit (casey). My favorite attraction was the wine tasting ;-P

I think there are other North Carolina locations that may top Asheville on my list...but yes, I've heard old George's wine is excellent! *S*

(((outer banks)))

trustf8 you're right. The outer banks are great. Especially since they have somehow managed to keep it from getting too commercialized. I also like to play golf and love to go to Myrtle Beach which is technically in S.C. but we claim it too. There is no place any nicer than the outer banks on a cool fall day when you pretty much have the beach to yourself.

Ocean Isle Beach, NC is my choice.

Last time I was there, my kids and I saw a nest of sea turtles hatch out and make their way into the ocean.

Well, most of 'em. The ghost crabs claimed a few.

Tell Fannie, Floosie, and Mindy, that I'm still single. Not even dating right now. If they're interested. ;-)

I'm sure cindy Mindy would be happy to know, dawg ;P

For some reason, when I'm in a "romantic" mood, my mind's eye sees the bayfront in St. Augustine. Palm trees, an historic fort, the ocean in the distance. They do it for me.
But don't try it. The police get all excited.

Donde the heck is Indiatlantic, Florida and why haven't I heard of such a romantic spot???

Bora Bora actually is the most romantic place on earth.

It's so nice to see that so many of you are aware of all that North Carolina has to offer. I'm lucky in that I'm between the mountains and the beach.
Wiredog, Fannie, Floosie, and Mindy want to know how to contact you. Facebook page? Any other way? Fannie is really interested.

Freddie is too. NTTAWWT.


Or I blog, sort of, at Hulver's.

Been to Grand Junction, been to Hana. Some nice things at GJ, but Hana is a whole 'nother level.

Also been to Bora Bora (my honeymoon included a few days there, plus Tahiti and Moorea), and THAT is a paradise by anyone's definition. I'll never forget walking along the beach at sunset with my wife while a stingray couple swam along with us in what seemed like their own watery honeymoon stroll. Spectacular in many indescribable ways.

Never been to Asheville or Indiatlantic, but, nice as they undoubtedly are, I can't imagine they could approach the South Seas for paradisicality.

*spamming wiredog*


sniff, sniff, mtb's a romantic. Who knew? It does sound nice though. I've been to Hawaii and the water and sunsets are beautiful. I've never been to the Caribbean but hope to go sometime.

Yes, mtb, the Society Islands are lovely.

I'd love to go back with my current wife, but's she's opposed to my reploughing old ground.

My current wife's favorite spot had been the Florida Keys, but the fishing's been wiped out by the cold for the next few years, so we'll have to find someplace new.

Belize, maybe.

I vote for Okracoke Island in the Outer Banks.

For me, nothing spells romance like Camden, New Jersey.

Or the way the setting Sun glints off of the mobile homes in Little Rock.

I get an error message, so not sure if I am repeating anything, but I vote for Poipu, Kauai, and the Santa Ynez Valley, CA.

Wow Hammie, your woman is damn lucky to have you.

So's Braniff's, Siouxie ! ;-)

Absolutely, Tel!

I am WAY jealous!

Telecom I have a place in Poipu point. (timeshare) Nothing better or more romantic!
Not to mention cheap golf from $9 to $290 all around the area!
My better half and I spent a long greeeeeeeeat honeymoon day on Barking sands with no one else on the beach! IYNWIM!

Blowing Rock, NC. For more than one reason.

Ken in sc must be a Tweetsie fan.

the outer banks rock. i love duck and/or corolla the bestest. i always go late in the off-season cause it's warm enough to lay on the beach, and it's pretty much vacant. i have photos to prove it. also, there's a really fun art gallery in hatteras that i always visit to buy gifts for the relatives that i didn't bring along. pass on the kitty hawk wright brothers museum. snooze fest.

Indiatlantic is about 25 miles south of Cape Canaveral. I lived in that area for about 20 years, and the beaches are o.k., but I wouldn't rate it anywhere near as romantic as Hawaii.

Fire Island, NY

<3 Heaven on Earth <3

Where did " any dark doorway in Paris " come in ?

What's with all the beaches? My wife's probable two most romantic places would be a B&B in Vermont, or Manhattan (NY, not KS or Beach). Her Irish genes repel her from beaches.

Well I've never been to Spain
But I kind of like the music...

Mud! That's not a snooze fest it's history. You should visit the USS North Carolina. It's very interesting and is in Wilmington. The great part about the outer banks is they are not commercialized and the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

I agree, Braniff. Living in Miami, I can take or leave the beach scene. I'd much rather snuggle in front of a fireplace in a cabin overlooking some awesome mountains. Hot tub too ;P

Don't know about GJ, but I have to agree with the mountain sentiment. You all can keep your beaches, I'll take this over sunburn any day.

Amen, SA!

Telecom I have a place in Poipu point. (timeshare) Nothing better or more romantic!
Not to mention cheap golf from $9 to $290 all around the area!
My better half and I spent a long greeeeeeeeat honeymoon day on Barking sands with no one else on the beach! IYNWIM!

Posted by: DaninIA | February 03, 2010 at 01:37 PM

We do too ! Actually, we originally bought in Maui, but then they opened it up and said if we bought another week, the Big Island, Kauai and Maui would all count as our home spot. Oh yeah !
Mr. Telecom is big into scuba, so we spend a lot of time in the ocean - most boats will let a snorkeler sneak in. (that'd be me) And I DO KWYM ! (we'll be there in May)
The second place I picked is the wine country in Santa Barbara, which, while near beaches, is still inland. Beautiful, green rolling hills, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and over a 100 wineries to explore. There's a park with an easy hike to a waterfall, and two of the California Missions are in the very close vicinity. La Purisima is still kept as an exhibit of what mission life was like, with long horn cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys and other animals. As you stroll the mission, the rooms have the furniture and clothing, utensils, and other accoutrement of what it was like. Sheesh ! I sound like a travel guide ! Sorry ! Guess you might say that it is definitely one of my favorites !!

Telecomdropout -- I bet you'd like Deetjen's Big Sur Inn.

Belize, definitely. I'll be making my 6th trip there (I think -- I'm losing count) in a few weeks.

My sister (also a nurse, BTW) lives close to Asheville, and my parents are only an hour or so away. One of these (holi)days I'll check out the Biltmore.

Bon - THANK YOU ! What a lovely way to spend a lunch break. Yes, I would ABSOLUTELY go there. Big Sur is breathtaking - I think you may have doomed Mr. Telecom into springing for a weekend up there ! I'm sending him the URL so he can see for himself - he is sure to fall in love, as well.

Romantic? Hmmmmmmmm ... Kona or Kilealuea (sp?) ... the lodge there is REALLY nice ... or, mebbe camping in the Nodak Badlands ... or, a VERY nice B&B near Westport, Ireland ... and Dunluce Castle in The North ... and ... helping MB(RH?) hunt for moose ...

n'cindy ... that's nice of you to think I'm too young to be a grandpa *texts n'cindy a quarter, for bein' so nice* ... but ... eight times over prove y'all mistaken in that assertion ... and no, din't get married until nearly halfway thru my third decade of Life Its Ownself ... oldest grandchild will be 16 tomorrow, and the youngest will be five in July ... yeah, I'm old ... I merely LOOK young here on the blog ...

Telecomdropout -- Part of the tradition is to drink a bottle of wine and then go lay out on Highway 1 for a minute.

Heh. If I drank a bottle of wine, I'd have to lay out SOMEWHERE !

" I merely LOOK young here on the blog ... "

Yes, you do, O the U.
And you talk good too.

Tel - lightweight.

Belize, Hawaii, Outer Banks, even Asheville. About the only place I can go these days is Gaffney, SC where the only attraction is a big peach. It is a nice peach though. Not sure if you would call it romantic. I guess it's how you look at it.

*Remembers romantic Venice. And I don't mean California*

Spent many years in Seneca, SC near the beautiful Smokies. Had to drive by that peach in Gaffney to get to family in Wilmington.

What, Norilsk doesn't rate?

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