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February 07, 2010




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he's a coupla bowls of Wheaties short of a career.

You must be this tall - to be a Jets fan.

He needs a stepstool.

Is that Jerry Garcia?

I think it's David Crosby...

The Jets were my AFC pick (snif).

Jets fans are hiding in shame. Which is near the Meadowlands.

Where's his other hand?

That is David Crosby!

My bad before. It seems the Seahawks did play in a Super Bowl (which they lost to Pittsburgh).

Who knew?

Sorry, Seattle fans.

The only teams never to appear in a Super Bowl are:

Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns
Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans

/end update

Who Dat?

Joe Namath has really let himself go since his football days hasn't he?

I wish I were in Miami.

Not for the game,

just to thaw out.



Lions, Jets... but did they have a Choke Artist's... I mean... Vikings uniform ?

Definitely David Crosby!

Did the Who's guitarist have to borrow David Caruso's sunglasses to perform all of our favorite CSI theme tunes for the halftime show?

Wes S, I believe that was the legendary 'Who' guitarist, Pete Townshend. *shuffles off to geezer bus*

Since I forgot Pete's name, nursecindy, you'd better save me a seat. Must be Alzheimers or something. Let me get the door for you...

Thank you Wes s. I heard the other day that Roger Daltrey is now a grandpa. I wanted to cry. They can still rock though. Too bad Keith Moon checked out as young as he did. Can you tell I'm a 'Who' fan?

Santa's a Jet's fan? Who nu?

*zips in*

WHO DAT!!!! Congrats to the Saints!!!

*zips out*

Wish I were in New Orleans tonight. There is going to be some major partying going on. I just hope none of my N.O.relatives go to jail.
I have to say out of all the commercials I liked the Dorito's ones the best.

Darn Saints!

Sorry, Siouxie, but the better team didn't win.
(My Niners did not play....)

I don't know about Christmas, but Mardi Gras sure came early this year...

Geaux Saints!

Next year I predict my favorite team, The Packers, will win the Super Bowl, and my favorite baseball team, The Cubs, will win the World Series. It has to happen for the Cubs eventually.

Great game, both teams. Congrats, Big Easy!

Gonna be a REAL Fat Tuesday this year!

Cubs AND The Pack, Cindy?!?! I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Diva, lots of Badgers went with the Cubs when the Braves left, but I'm sure Cindy is too young for that bunch.

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