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February 09, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'll go out on a limb here and say that perhaps..just maybe alcohol and/or drugs may have been involved.

Pretty short limb there, Siouxie. lol

I'm sure Sheriff Joe will take care of this moron.

Siouxie's out on a limb! Quick, bring the Fire Department!

You forgot to add NTTAWWT, Dave.

I'm guessing he's single, Siouxie.

What do you think?

"The substance later tested positive for methamphetamine, and Rodriguez" tested positive for idiocy!

Arizona is just too close to California.

Since when has Siouxie liked short limbs?

Oh, those silly Saints fans....

that's just a quadrifecta of stupid. dumba$$.

More importantly, why was the ditch wearing womens's trousers?

I need pictures

The man also had his underwear around his neck.

Brings back memories of college.

What was Jeff looking for when he found this?

What a man does in the privacy of his own ditch is none of the police department's business. The police are just out looking for every little thing.

I was NOT "semi-naked."

Wintertime and the living is easy.

Wow. The days are just PACKED. So much to do.


thank you scott and wiredog. i was gonna say "there but for the grace of god go i" but then i read the first several posts and for a minute thought i was on the wrong blog.

What to get the missus for Valentines?


Anyone seen that yet? har!

A secondary arrest charge was assault with a dead weapon.

Wow a new low.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Addict. That's a new low. A double brainbleach whammy!

I'd *SMACK* you but I'm beginning to think you like it.

lets gang up on addict for that one. sic' em, somebody.

Clank, if he was in a drainage ditch in California, he and his porn would be on their way to Tahiti, by now.

Siouxie, you ever hear the Old Army running song?
Beat me,
Hurt me
I need love
Don't forget
your leather glove
Bring those whips and
Bring those chains
Feel the pleasure
of the pain.

Perhaps if you introduced him to the hot wax, Siouxie.


The underwear around the neck wasn't good enough for the headline?

(Addicted, that ain't a new low - that's just some old 'low someone left out in the rain too long and it got all wrinkly and moldy.)

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!!

Good idea!

dawg, no but I like ;P

My post disappeared so here it is again:

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!!

Good idea.

dawg, no...but I like ;P

damn you, bot!


I'll do it. *DOUBLE SMACKS* Addict, turns around and *SMACKS* him again. And Pannus, NO pictures please, of this guy.

Siouxie, I thought you were the one who taught me...always hover before clicking!

Nut with smut in rut.


Whoever said winters are boring here in sunny southern arizona?

"...while hiding in a ditch wearing woman's trousers, exposing his genitals, and surrounded by pornography."

Doesn't anyone else find this astounding? I mean, what are the odds of finding a pair of women's trousers that are exposing your own genitals?

"Hiding in a ditch wearing woman's trousers, exposing his genitals, and surrounded by pornography."

This is what that low-budget terrorist cult of religious fanatics promises as the afterlife to encourage their suicide bombers.

"Wearing woman's trousers, exposing his genitals, and surrounded by pornography."

Hey - that's exactly how I want to be buried!

"Hiding in a ditch wearing woman's trousers, exposing his genitals, and surrounded by pornography."

Wonder which congressional district he represents.

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