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February 13, 2010


School mistakes huge burrito for a weapon

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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"They...determined there was no immediate danger."

Check back after lunch.

30 inch burrito


By "the wrong hands" Dave meant his.

Sounds innnocent, but police later discovered a .357 Kielbasa in his locker.

7-11 around here sells a burrito called the Bomb

Did anyone else notice the date on this story?


That's how the Minnesota farmer produced enough poo to make that Valentine's heart.

When burritos are outlawed only outlaws will have gas!

I don't know. If I ate that, people around me would probably believe they were hearing a large calibre weapon.

Submarine sandwich, submachine gun... so the principal was just a little hard of hearing, what's the big deal.

Pretty brave of the kid to come forward and confess. It does seem like the kind of weapon that middle school boys would prefer :)

He "invented" a store that sells extra-large burritos?

Nah ... there's this neat little restaurant in Pico Rivera, CA that has 'em as a regular part of the menu ...

Took me four days to finish the one I bought ... ISIANMTU!

To which restaurant be you referrin', O?

Copywrite 2005? Aren't we a little late on this?

There is no mention of this being a current events blog. Picky, picky.
The first thing I wondered is if this child is related to mudstuffin.

In light of the 2005 copyright, it is entirely possible that this story has been blogged before. Therefore, judi will be fired. Just in case.

Eighth grade boy has large package?

Roll-your-own terrorist.

Recycling is green, Right? 2005, 2010 what's the difference. When you are old, time passes fast.

*To which restaurant be you referrin', O?*

I think he means the one in East L.A. called
El Tepeyac, SW. They are known for their "Macho Burrito", and if you can eat that in one sitting, you get something for it, and not just monumental gas.

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