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February 16, 2010


Mortuary technicians play with corpses

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Whoa! Brooklyn Decker to the right!

And if everyone jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too?

Yeah, he probably would have.

Heads will roll!

I've always said that when I die, someone is going to have a party. I'd hate to miss it.

It's not funny. A guy was taking photos of corpses at the morgue in Cincinnati, and he's now been in prison for several years.

Gack, I can't imagine playing with dead people parts.

KLB, it's not funny but I can understand it to a point. I never played with dead bodies when I worked in the ER but, you do develop a morbid sense of humor when you work in areas where you see horrible things a lot. You never get used to seeing children that have been killed by parents, which I saw several of, or people who have been decapitated which I also saw. We would make crude jokes to each other, NEVER over children though, and we may have laughed on the outside but a little bit of us died on the inside. There are very few workers in areas like the ER, Oncology, or morgue who are not on antidepressants. We're human too. I think these people did go way over the line though.

I'm only surprised the writers of 24 havne't used this as part of the plot, cindy.

Where's the "worked all my life, but could never get a head" post?

John Barrymore's corpse was "liberated" from the funeral home by a group of his friends, including W.C. Fields and Raoul Walsh, and taken to Errol Flynn's home. His body was seated at the dinner table, and Flynn nodded familiarly to Barrymore as he went past.

documented their depraved foolery in photos

As a public service announcement, let me suggest that if you are going to engage in depraved foolery you SHOULD NOT take pictures of it.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will take pictures of something stupid and somehow not know or not care that those pictures will inevitably end up in the hands of a reporter, on the internet or both.

As TDPC says.. if you're going to do something stupid that might cost you your job, WHY would you want to document it?

And Horace: That is entirely different. After my death, I hope to bequeath my remains to my surviving friends to dispose of as they see fit under two conditions: It has to be original, relatively legal and they must take pictures or video of the "event"

Three... Three conditions... :)

Young Dr. Frankenstein: Whose brain did you get?

Igor: Abbie....Abbie something or other.....

Culture? They say this ME's office has Culture??

((Shakes head furiously))

It was part of a government-funded study to see if it actually was possible to party hard enough to raise the dead.

Horace, I'm guessing alcohol was involved.

Actually, since a Barrymore was there, I KNOW alcohol was involved!

I always find working with dead bodies quite relaxing...

"Weekend with Barrymore"?

What a fun surprise! Looks like you guys had a blast!

so.... errr..... umm...... where can i see the photos?

Except this wasn't Gross Anatomy class. This was a mortuary and neither the corpses nor their families gave permission for med students to play with their parts.

Steve: You'll be with us in body and spirits.

Every physician I know, when in gross anatomy in medical school, did silly things with the cadavers. One friend has a photograph of himself playing jumprope with a small intestine.

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