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February 18, 2010


...head for a brothel.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Now that's taking safe sex to the extreme.

*Snork!* @ "head for a brothel"

Coming soon: the "Hello Kitty" defibrillator

...from the same people who brought you this...

Who would have thought that the climaxial shouting you would hear at a brothel would be "CLEAR!"

Can I head there if I'm not having a heart attack?

Now that's what I call public service!

Replacing the usual cattle prod in many establishments.

So the customer might yell "Tase me, bro" ... ?

I've never been to a brothel. I had no idea they were so exciting. Maybe my wife will let me go?
(Something tells me that I'm not THAT well insured).

at least until they get paid... then.......

"we'll make you see God, but if you don't want to meet Him just yet (considering you're dying in a brothel and all)... you might want out 'going towards the light' special..."

"you get: a girl with a basic understanding of human anatomy, all the v**gr* you can handle, and should all our 'good faith' efforts fail, we'll dress your corpse, put it out front, and tell everyone you slipped on the sidewalk!"

Not a happy ending...

Defibrillators even a "lay person" can use . . .


*snork* at insomniac's 'explanation'

Isn't nurse-patient the plot of most XXX movies? Or so I've heard.

Where's a nurse on this blog when you need one . . .?

Wait... if I'm 85 years old and in a brothel, that last thing I want to have happen if I have a heart attack is to pass out having sex and wake up surrounded by doctors and nurses and having tubes stuck in me.. These people don't get it. If I'm having a heart attack while having sex, my doctor is just as likely to tell me not to have sex anymore... see? Still dead!

....Where's that "Do Not Resuscitate" order..? I want a conditional clause!

Yep Will I agree. It would be best to just go out in the saddle!

Yes, I love those Viagra commercials that urge you to ask your doctor whether you're healthy enough to have sex...

I see TV movie/series on this. Sort of a combination of "ER" and "CSI Las Vegas" and "Best Little ***house in Texas".

Did somebody call for a nurse? Steve, I don't know your wife but I think I can safely speak for her by saying no. You may not go to a brothel.

I see potential for a Simpsons episode.

What if it's this brothel?

Steve, ask your wife if she'll let you watch "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" on Showtime. Since it stars Billie Piper, maybe you could just say you're doing research on The Doctor's "companions"...

Shock it to me, baby.

Anybody else noticing a pattern here with Allen at Division's posts? Must be a coincidence.

I was going to make a comment on how 'talented' the staff must be for this to keep happening, but that would be tasteless.

Will health insurance now cover brothels as primary care facilities?

Phrenetic:"I was going to make a comment on how 'talented' the staff must be for this to keep happening, but that would be tasteless."

yes... utterly tasteless, and I wouldn't do anything like quote and copy you to draw attention to...

er... oops.

Looks like they got you coming and going . . .

In Italy they call the police.

People at risk of having a heart attack should never go to a brothel in the first place. You don't want to be caught dying in the middle of the action, do you?

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