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February 13, 2010


A Minnesota farmer created a giant valentine for his wife out of manure.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Yeah, I get sh*t too. But I get it year round.

Sounds like it has been a very long winter in Minnesota.

And she gave him this

Valentine Poop

This just shows that there is someone for everyone. I wouldn't have reacted nearly as well to it as she did.

After 37 years you lower your expectations, cindy, so to speak.

I'd have thought she would be p1ssed.

This is what I would like for Valentines Day. I can't speak for Siouxie, Annie, or Diva but I don't think they would turn it down either. Go Team USA!! I love the Olympics. I think this guy ski's.

He looks chilly, nc. He needs some warm southern comfort.

I think this guy ski's.

Posted by: nursecindy | February 13, 2010 at 05:54 PM

Way to know your athletes, cindy.



For those Losties who missed Michael Emerson's great cameo on The Soup last night, enjoy!


That's a big heart on

that field.

I saw it, Steve ;P (this morning)

I know a little about athletes Jeff. In fact I think this guy speed skates. In fact he just did a great job!

So, does he take her up in a hot-air balloon to view the heart, or does he wait for it to show up on the news?

Buid it and they will crap.

"...where the corn is as high as an elephant's eye..." and some little pieces of carrot, too.

And then next year, the manure heart will probably be covered over in plants - grass is always greener over the manure :)

Well, it LOOKS like chocolate...

I wonder how he presented it to her?

To show you that I love you beaucoup
I offer this heart made out of poop.

Eh, needs work.

She says some people might think it's gross but she says it's cute and "Why not do something fun with what you got?"

and, next year for valentines day, her husband will give her one of these.

When you care enough to spread the very best.

This valentine is NOT a "half-mile wide" ... prolly no more than 3/16 of a mile ...

Sloppy (!) research still prevails in "journalism" ...

Well ... mebbe 3/8 of a mile ... but certainly not more than 1,980 feet ...

Which, now that I mention it, is definitely larger than "eight inches" ...

I would like to know if he signed it and how.

(neil young)

i got a farm
don't mean no harm
i'm just a guy with a lot of poop
my love's expression
i need to vent
that got me spreading out a heart of poop
and i've flown the coop

there's cards in hallmark
there's cards in wal-mart
they're not sincere like my heart of poop
it symbolizes
it fertilizes
if you give your love a heart of poop
you'll be in the soup!

Wow, those cows are practically potty-trained, to create a design like that. Send them to Washington!

Very good, insom! Did you compost that yourself?

Thanks for the Valen...What is that smell?

SW - I recognize insom's lyrics. They're by Neil Dung.

Y'all know, of course, that farmers have been known to call their manure spreader a "honey wagon" ... now y'all know why ...

When you care enough to spread the very best.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | February 14, 2010 at 12:13 AM

There's a crap for that.

And on that note: Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!

Happy Valentines Day y'all!

Now I'm humming the old Ray Stevens song: The Ballad of Cow Patty (And her moped named Flame)

Love stinks.

Love stinks.

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