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February 14, 2010


Otter mistaken for drowning snowmobiler

(Thanks to Tom Meeerschaert)


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Musta been the thrashing.

Otter know better.

I swear. You just cannot do anything without somebody reporting it these days.

The crawfish called it in.

Open water? In Maine? In February?

I blame Algore ...

I'm going to suggest to the Olympic Committee that they keep us in mind for the next Winter Olympics. It is colder here than in Vancouver and we are getting MORE SNOW tonight and again Fri., Sat., and Sun., of this coming week. I'm tired of snow.

Yeah, you have to hand it to the crack IOC (major bribes, persumably) to pick a city in a temperate climate that DOESN'T GET SNOW for the WInter Olympics.

Next time, Orlando.

I just moved to Atlanta from Ft. Lauderdale just in time to get...SNOW. My sympathies nursecindy.

nursecindy, that's just crazy!! You need a vacation... somewhere in the south -- wait, um

Thank you Tash and daisymae. I'm thinking of moving to a warmer climate like Wisconsin or Minnesota.

"Missing, drowned, mistaken for an otter..."

--Herman's Hermit Crabs

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