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February 10, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Vaguely Related Item: We can't wait for the movie version of this.

(Thanks to Joe Hicks)


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Will this be the first 24-hour-long movie??? Or will they give us the Reader's Digest Condensed Version?

Didn't Constricted An@s open for Carrie Underwood?

So to speak.

Good-bye depression, hello constipation.

Andy Warhol made 25-hour long movie back in the '60s. Also an 8-hour movie of the Empire State Building, which has a better plot than most seasons of "24."

The Empire State Building is also a better actor than most of the cast of 24, Horace.

However will Dave blog this?

Cheeswiz I was thinking the same thing. The Amazing Steve has got his work cut out for him but I have every confidence he will rise to the occasion.

"Anus and the Busy Sphincters" WBAGNFARB

What makes these stories 'related'?

Jack Ass productions

What is 24 in metric?

Also, you could definitely get a bad case of malarkey from all that clenching.

Jack always makes my butt pucker.

Well, that kills off most of the suspense for this season of "24," at least concerning whether or not Jack survives. Not that there was much doubt of that, anyway. Stabbed in the gut? Renee just gave Jack another weapon. Torture? That's Jack's idea of fun.

I guess all we have to look forward to is the ultimate fate of Dana and her ex-boyfriend, or ex-meth ring, or whatever.

Just shoot me now.

The movie is set in Europe because of Jack's flawless German accent.

1. The WDG is assured a job. maybe even credits.

2. Making 24 hours fit in 2 would be a VAST improvement. No time for dialog or side plots.

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