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February 10, 2010


Tymkowych said Pickens was awakened after 4 a.m. to the sound of his doorbell. He opened the door to find a bag that was burning on his front steps. He noticed the flames going out, so he decided to wait to see if the culprit returned.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I guess it doesn't seem so funny now does it Mr.Donohue? They should also make him clean the porch up.

Jail's gonna stink even more, dude.

The crook always returns to the scene of the crime.

No son of Einstein, this guy .....

A burning bag of poo constitutes first degree arson...um, good to know.

Flaming Bag of Poo WBAGNFARB or a computer game.

or most congress persons...

The poipetrator should also be charged with lack of originality; that "joke" was old when Moses saw it.

We used to do the marshmellows in the yard trick... in the summer.

They melt into the grass and it's damn near impossible to get up... unless you have a hungry dog.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned TP, huh??

*grabs roll of TP and gets on geezer bus*


It's good to see people still learning the classics in school.

Maybe he had a crush on the guy's dog.

Having been to Greeley, this place smells before you even get there - it's a farm town ! Betcha the poo was frozen !

It's actually a very pretty town, and a nice campus.

I thought my bag was lit
But it went out a bit

As I crept to it to relight
I ended up in a fight

so I'm off to jail for a bit
Cause I couldn't keep my sh!t a lit

I hope to soon be back
cause I tink mes sh!ts gonna get packed

*texting this with my one phone call*

This is not AT ALL what my frat bros said wuz gonna happen.

*snork out loud* @ DaninIA

Always do practical jokes with people who cannot run as fast as you.

I could see charging him if you had actually stomped on the pooh. But come on, no harm no foul here. Make him paint your house or something. Where's Andy Taylor when you need him? Bunch of Barney's we've got here.

ha ha, poop!

Dave's probably hibernating in the 40 degree temps this morning.

Completely off topic. I go away for two days, and of course the very first post from the days I missed is the funniest radio interview I've ever heard. Remember the flying banana article? Here's how the linked radio interview started.

Dominic Maurais: I'm talking now with Michel Gaboury, a spokesman for the Canada Council of the Arts. It's pretty relevant, the Council gave $49,800. Mr Gaboury? How are you today?

Gaboury: Yes, Mr Maurais, I'm quite well.

Maurais: Am I mistaken, or did you really give this guy $49,800?

Gaboury: Forty - No, not $49,800. We gave him $80,000 over two years.

Maurais: Very well. It's rare when I'm corrected and it's even worse, but—

Gaboury: Worse? I wouldn't say that.

Maurais: (stunned disbelief) What?

Gaboury: I don't think it's bad.

Maurais: $80,000 for a work of art that was never created?

Gaboury: Well, yes, but it's more complicated than just the work of art, there's all the research he had to do, things like that. It was a two year grant, and each year he had to write up a report.

Somehow, when I translated it into English, Gaboury instantly took on a Graham Chapman accent and the interviewer was John Cleese.

It was freezing this morning, Jeff. Do not mock us wimpy Floridians!!!

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