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February 14, 2010


Woman Chases Rat Back Down Toilet


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What did we do before youtube?

It had to be in North Carolina.

I was once working in our basement in Hamilton OH when I heard a scratching noise. It nearly drove me crazy (a short trip, admittedly) before I narrowed it down to a dry drain in the floor. I lifted up the cover and put it down again as quickly as I could.
Years later in a different house I heard a similar sound coming from a furnace vent in the summer. I took a broomstick and carefully opened another vent. Something sinister and black moved in there. One of the few really brave things I've ever done was reaching in there to rescue a lost chimney swift.

At least flush a baby alligator down there so the rat has a playmate.

Obviously Richie Brooks had an education that wuz lacking ... I learnt about "backwater traps" to prevent such ratologicalness happenin' when I wuz in fourth grade ... merely sayin' ...

Now, if that'd been a high-flow toilet, this might've had a happier ending ... (not much happier than gettin' a rat outta the house, tho ... )

Lotta "Pink" in that BR ...

... and ... the cat must've died ... she had an empty bucket that once held kitty litter, but the cat wuzn't doin' it's job ...

One word...MOVE!

Sheesh. Is there no privacy anymore?

She should be given a management position in the Department of Homeland Security.

So guys, now do you know why you should put the lid down? And maybe set a brick on it.

Point taken, but you may just want to rephrase that, Tash.

How about put the lid down and put a cement or concrete block on it. Is that better?

padraig: Unless N.C. has wimpy rats, the gator had better be bigger than a baby, and they still won't catch up to New York.

Key Name... John's Plumbing.

You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the john flows.

I am so glad I saw that . . .

Meanie....... you can put a brick on whatever you want.

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