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February 08, 2010


Patrick Warburton in the house



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Anyone who flashes a full backal for a movie based on Dave Barry's book is awesome to me.




judi, you lucky gal you!!!

Ask him how Die Fledermaus is doing!

If any of you are old enough to remember the moon landing go rent or buy "The Dish". Brilliant and sweet Australian comedy. Patrick was great in it.

Allen, Batmanuel just got knocked out by SmokeMonster John on Lost!

> smooches < to Patrick.

The Tick!


It looks like even big-time celebs have to get one of those stick-on Visitor passes to get in the building.

JUDI! You let him go right now!

Wasn't The Tick a cartoon? Did he do the voice?

Portland Trailblazers T-shirt? You'd think he was a marine biologist or something.


Posted by: Horace LaBadie | February 08, 2010 at 11:53 AM

Ah, the good old days, Horace. :)

Stop evildoer!

Is he there to get a ride home from Dave?

Elon, The Tick was a Saturday morning cartoon series in the U.S., adapted from the original comic book, but FOX later did a live-action version, with Patrick as The Tick, Nestor Carbonell (LOST) as Batmanuel and Liz Vassey (C.S.I.) as Miss Liberty. Die Fledermaus and American Maid were created for the cartoon and couldn't be licensed for the live-action series.

Elon: http://www.hulu.com/watch/7530/the-tick-pilot

Except for getting fired on a weekly basis, Judi has the best job ever!

So he got up that morning and actually made a conscious decision (one assumes) to wear his hat backwards. Never ceases to make me wonder.

judi, let me know the next time one of these cute male celeb types goes to The Herald so I can go stalk him when we can do lunch again!

Fivver, "The Dish" was an EXCELLENT movie. Really underrated. Plus, Sam Neill was in it. :)

judi, imagine him in a kilt. I'm with Siouxie btw. Let's do lunch.

Bilwick: Actually, he had his hat on straight but when I asked him if I could take his pic, he turned it around.

Siouxie and Cindy: If i knew there were going to be famous cute men nearby, don't you think i'd have worn something different?! ;)

um...what are you wearing, judi?? (did you take one with him???)

Was that a Pearl Jam tour hat?

judi, didn't you make out with him last year? Pass him on to someone new!

In addition to the Tick, Mr. Warburton was also featured in the tv show "Dave's World", based on some Miami newspaper humor columnist...

Hey, I know that guy - he lives in my little teeny town here in Ventura County. Really. He shoulda told me he was going to visit you guys. I woulda sent cookies with him.

Fwer -- we just saw The Dish this weekend!!! we're going netflix bonkers and saw it on the listing.

Allen, I don't remember Puddy on Dave's World.

Wow, he knows Harry Anderson!

He looks "happy"

That's a Pearl Jam hat and I think a Pearl Jam Portland Tee. They did sports team themed tour shirts last year and Patrick is a fan of the band.

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