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February 16, 2010


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Isn't DAREDEVIL SQUIRREL the new Nicolas Cage movie?

Show off.

One day I watched a small gray squirrel walk up one side of St. George Street in St. Augustine. Ignoring the tourists, she walked right up to the door of a candy shop. The owner reached down and gave her a walnut. She went off with her prize.
While cute, the situation couldn't last. Squirrels are by instinct either eating or hiding food. That animal's tiny brain was undoubtably telling it to save up food for the Great Florida Blizzard of 'ought 10'.
Little did I know what a weather prognosticator that squirrel was.

If I don't have my bowl of sunflower seeds full, even in winter, the squirrels will come to the window and whine. If I don't respond, they climb the screen and give me dirty looks....

"Lady" used to look pleadingly in our kitchen window until fed. More than once, she offered to just come in the door when it was opened. She was free for breakfast.
She would stretch out and sleep on the deck rail not four feet from me when I was out there grilling.

Oh boy a nutty squirrel.

This is outrageous. I'm calling PETA!

Let your freak tail fly.

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