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January 22, 2010


Warren E. Strickland, 31, of Fairbanks, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct Tuesday for throwing a double-decker taco at a manager of the Taco Bell restaurant on University Avenue.

Strickland said he was upset during the Jan. 14 incident because a taco contained spit after he had been through the drive-thru twice to correct his order.

This has been Your Alaska Dining Report.

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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Gee, what's the complaint? In my Taco Bell the spit is extra!

He was suspicious when the stuff inside his taco looked like spit instead of ....

I said "salsa", not "saliva"!

If he's smart he won't eat anywhere but at home after this.

"I have an uncle in Alaska."


"Of course I know 'em."

"No, I mean 'Nome' in Alaska."

"Of course I know 'em in Alaska. I'd know 'em anywhere. He's my uncle!"

Thou shalt not complain about thy food to anyone who has unobserved control over it.
(probably one of the truer commandments).

Shhh, everybody will want some.

Who goes through the drive-thru twice! to fix an order? Not smart.

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