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January 22, 2010


Doctors at a small medical practice in America got a big surprise when a  meteorite the size of a tennis ball smashed through the roof of their surgery.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It is not clear if the space rock was deliberately targeting doctors in an attempt to destroy Earth's medical capabilities in advance of an alien attack, or if it just strayed off course, and had actually been trying to take out nearby Washington D.C.

What if it was just a space alien responding to the invitation to come visit Earth that we sent out on V-GER?

That's some liberty they're taking with Stephen King's "Creepshow" script. The meteor was supposed to land in Bubba's field.

Where's the special effects supervisor? I want to have a word with him.

Schadeboy, I'm pretty sure Kirk took care of that...

Editor note:

script = screenplay
meteor = spacerock

That is all.

Nannie: Not yet, he hasn't. Sheesh.

Space Rock of Doom WBAGNFA SyFy Channel movie starring several Baldwin brothers.

The meteorite waited for over an hour, leafing through National Geographics from the early 1980s, then was told it needed a referral from its primary care physician...

Would a tinfoil hat have kept it off? Personally, I go for a full baking pan.

"What's your husband in for?"

"He's having stones removed"

The Doctor is in stoned.

Did they give it Last Meteor Rites?

Space rock my foot. They need to question the nurse. This looks more like the work of an angry nurse. Trust me, I know. btw, the statute of limitations on throwing rocks at doctors is 7 years right?

The doctor is part of a UFO plan.

nursecindy, my ex-sister-in-law played a joke on the Drs. she worked with by showing them an x-ray of her cat's pelvis and saying "Dr. So-and-so asked me to ask you to take a look at it . . ."

Your sil and I would get along great bonmot. The worst thing I did to a doctor was when I prepped a patient in the ER for a pelvic exam. I didn't tell the doc about an unusual tattoo she had on the inside of her leg. He pushed the sheet back and fell off his stool. The tattoo was of a snake that looked like it was getting ready to strike. Scared the heck out of him.

"No, I didn't recognize the country singers tatooed on the inside of your thighs, but the guy in the middle kind of looks like Willie Nelson . . ."

Punchline to an old joke.

extremely delayed *snork!* @ Lairbo

Gynecologists deserve that kind of surprise..

Methinks the Docs must be wondering, is the Meteorite a sign from God?? A Going out of business sign???

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