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January 25, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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What about some retirees OJ Simpson pythons politicians other wonderful export items we'd be willing to part with?

Notice how gleeful this Aussie is at the thought of getting rid of the slimy things sharing their excess?

I imagine cane toad poison would make one helluva good expectorant!

If someone gives you cane toad poison to ingest, you can expect a rant!

*Snork* @ bonmot.

Much as I love animals, I'd love to see PETA running around picking up cane toads to save them. Then, they could all fall into a quivering mass of toads and associated pests.

Freckles has time to put on full makeup during her torture sessions.

Seems like the problem with PETA is that they took a reasonable idea (be nice to animals), and they went to the extreme to the point where they look like lunatics. I may be exaggerating a bit; most of what I know of PETA is the weird stuff they've done.

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