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January 19, 2010


Police responding to a complaint of loud noise have cited a Fond du Lac man for “rocking out” to the music of John Denver.

(Thanks to Patrick Lenon, queensbee, marfie and Jeff Meyerson)


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You're welcome! ;-)

"(Thanks to everyone in the known universe)"

Yeah, but I actually have to LIVE near Sheboygan, so I shoulda got the credit. I could have opened my windows and HEARD the guy.

*grumbles back to snow cave*

"Your Honor, we normally do not ask for the Death Penalty in these cases..."

Awww, they fixed the credits. Revealed my secret identity, but hey... thanks judimeister.

Who among us hasn't at one time in our lives blasted "John Denver and The Muppets Christmas Album"??? We are all guilty....this man should go free!!!

You can rock out to John Denver?

pad, you're JEFF MEYERSON??

who nu??

oh yeah..

*SMACK* cuz I know you love it.

("take me home -country roads")

almost eleven
on my speakers
neighbors shoutin'
make their four walls shiver

i'm an oldster
not too old though to 'rock out'
when i crank the volume
hear policemen shout!

"turn it down!
we hear today
you've got complaints
from green bay!
bleedin' eardrums
from john denver
turn it down
or you'll pay!"

if you don't sign your blog-name, there's no way we can know who you are!

nice try, wiredog. :)

*SMACKS* wiredog anyways. sneaky.

*Smacks* the wiredog nose.

As a 42 year old man living in Wisconsin, I'd just like to say that this was NOT me. I'm never going to Fond du Lac agai.... I mean I've NEVER been to Fond du Lac.

What has the world coming to -- "rocking out" to John Denver.

It's hard to think of "rocking out" to something that we played in high school orchestra. "Easy listening out" maybe.

I know the orchestra played "Country Roads" but I don't seem to recall the viola line.

First concert I ever went to was John Denver. Rumor had it that's when he recorded "Thank God I'm a Country Boy".

*whistles getting on to the geezer bus*

p.s. @judi -- I know, I usually remember to overtype my auto-signature and I forgot.

So, this being completely my fault, you are forgiven and not fired. Heck, give yourself a nickel a week raise.

I like John Denver. There. I admit it.

(wouldn't quite ROCK OUT to his music though)

(maybe just stomp mah boots)

I liked John Denver, somewhat. This is probably due to hearing it at important times in my life. I can't imagine blasting the neighbors with the stuff.
I like Fossil Rock for good reason but not everyone sings the same songs.
The Stones still rock, even if it is in a chair.

i liked him. and then, i didnt. look out for that tr........whoops.

any seats left on the geezer bus?
great one insom.

You can actually get fondu lock ? Is it serious ?

Clanky, if you don't get your fondue lock treated, you could wind up with butte des morts.

Pardon my French, btw.

Clank, only good can come from cheese-- google the late great Wisconsin legislator, Gordon Roselip.

I have to agree with some of the other bloggers. I liked John Denver and his concert was the first I ever went to see. I was a 13 year old who was ready to run off to the Rocky Mountains with him. I even learned to play the guitar because of him. But...you can't exactly 'rock out' at his songs. Nice to know that padraig has a nice Irish name in real life.

And now the French are calling "handball" on our rescue efforts in Haiti.

Oh, the irony . . .

OK, how can one tell in advance if a link is going to link before hitting "send"?

I always hit preview first, bonmot, and then hit post while keeping my fingers crossed.

If one is to "rock out" to John Denver, one is gonna need much, much more pot.

...LSD, jack daniels, and finally, meth. other than that - rock on, pilot jd. well, maybe not a pilot. just leave on that jet plane, woudja?

Geezer alert: I still have a (Chad) Mitchell Trio mono LP with John Denver Deutschendorf. It's not rock music unless you play it at 45 RPM.

Thnx, nc

bonmont, cindy: When you "preview" you can right-click on the link and open another window. That should show if it worked. Close that and you still have the original link.

pad, you're JEFF MEYERSON??

who nu??

Posted by: Siouxie | January 19, 2010 at 01:39 PM

Good one, Siouxie.

Wisconsin is definitely the nuttiest state oing, outside of Florida (and perhaps Texas) of course.

I get a seat. I had a couple of those quilted shoulder western shirts that I wore around college back then and thought Andromeda was awesome.

Res ipsa loquitur does not apply in this case.

In "Doonesbury", Uncle Duke acquired a dislike for folksinger John Denver when Denver moved in next door to Duke's estate in Colorado and serenaded the neighborhood daily. Duke made a habit of shooting icicles off of Denver's porch roof with a high powered rifle. To this day the song "Rocky Mountain High" sends him into a violent frenzy. My favorite scene had a warning bullet pinging near Denver, with him yelling something like, "Darn it, Duke! Now cut that out!" Cut to Duke, working with a screwdriver on his high-powered scope, thinking: "Damn sights must be off..."

"Wisconsin is definitely the nuttiest state oing, outside of Florida (and perhaps Texas) of course."

There are states inside of Florida?? I can understand Texas. Texas already looks like it swallowed a few Rhode Islands, but Florida's way too skinny.

Jeff, long winters, moldy cheese, and ample beer. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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