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January 21, 2010


Art explores important themes.

(Thanks to Norm)


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Translation: The Death in the Playground.

Wow...Those are very morbid. And not in a fun, Simpsons or Addams Family-type way.

Ok, if I actually read the article I won't be redundant. *Goes and sits in corner*

*Gets out of corner, goes to fridge, gets several bottles of Guinness Extra Stout, goes back to corner.*

well, dont have a cow...

That whole series of stained glass windows is.....well....disturbing.


*gives Siouxie a beer*

The inevitable result of DeivantArt.

Mr. Cavalieri's obviously never heard of "syndication".

Thanks, Hammie! donut?

omg! he killed kenny marge and maggie and bart and lisa...

I have always harbored a secret desire - so secret I didn't know myself until this moment - never to see Marge's sisters in anything less than their usual attire. You've ruined me, Mr. Cavalieri!!!


Where is the window depicting Rupert Murdoch smiting the artist with a plague of lawyers?

I can't wait to hear Ned Flanders explain this stained glass image to his kids...

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