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January 21, 2010


(Thanks to db)


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*Sigh* I love tits.

This is big ... news!

So if you have a bright chest, you'll have sperm of steel?

So the next Sexiest Man of the Year will be the one with the biggest moobs?

That'll be a big career boost for George Wendt. Hey, maybe they'll bring Edgar back to life!

Hammie, don't make me *flash* you.

Jizzle Tov!

Is that bird confused? Why does he appear to be putting the moves on a couple of weeds?

Said it made for good sperm, not higher intelligence.

By the way, did these boffins notice that bright birds with great tits don't make sperm?

Unfortunately, The Royal Tit-Watching Society of Britain survives only in the Wayback Machine.

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