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January 20, 2010


(Thanks to shtanga)


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Hey, I've had that happen at the beach so I object to the idea that it's one of life's "simple pleasures" as the ad says.

That's worse that shweaty balls.

A close encounter could lead to gritty cli . . .

ouch ouch ouch

Simple pleasures, like getting the sand off of your balls.

Is that anywhere near Woods Hole ?

Our firewall says I can't see this cause it is a game....is it????

For years, I have jokingly tried to get my wife to join me in an "adventure" on the beach. She keeps telling me that this could happen.

Testiculate particulate could circumscribe ejaculate.

When you're done for the day, you can stay overnight at Mud Butt campground.

Sandy balls. Sandy balls,
Time for a shower but it's vacation.
Feel them itch.
It's a b&tch.
Next time I'll go for the snow....

Kind of touching isn't it?

Very poetic, Cindy!

And I'm sure we all remember Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls from "South Park"...

If you are always getting your balls sandy, you'll never crack 100.

Silicone implants, silicon underpants.

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