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January 21, 2010


You won't believe what they're using now.

(Thanks to DavCart)


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“Der Terror-Pinkler von Farmsen” - soon to be a Nicolas Cage movie.

Key phrase: "the weed-upon couple".

Does this mean we're going to have to implement "no-go" lists?

Wait.. No one smelled something funny around the hibiscus?

My daughter's dogs are terrorists? We have a very yellow patch of grass about 18 inches away from one of our deck posts. It is the result of the larger dog going up to the post and habitually lifting the wrong leg to pee.
We worry about him.
(His "hand writing" stinks).

"12 short films"


Unfortunately, Frau Friebel now has to contend with the rabbits in her garden.

Would you rather live next to the wee-er or the filmer?

just what weee need. news from chermany. ya-wohl!

Doesn't it get cold in Germany between October and December? He should hook up with the guy that loves trees.

Sprinkler + Motion detector. Problem solved.

Tinkle tinkle little kraut,
With your tinkler hanging out,
Fill it up and drop your pants,
Killing all the neighbors plants.

Urine is a great fertilizer if it is watered down. Just spray your plants every night or morning. If you dumped a bag of fertilizer on your lawn, without spreading it out, it would burn a yellow spot there as well.

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