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January 20, 2010


It's turning into a zombie movie.

(Thanks to Gael Cooper and Chuck Cody)


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Thanks for the heads-up, Dave. I am now adding additional ammunition, whiskey, bottled water and canned goods to the shopping list.

Don't they feed those people over there???

The winner, by a . . . well, you know.

Tyson Foods is in the Midwest, isn't it?

Is a third-of-a-sister like a second cousin?

The bitten off nipple part has happened before. Back in the 80's the Canadian Army had a base in Lahr Germany as part of its Nato contribution. While the tropps were away on exercise, word reached them that an unnamed wife of a soldier had been involved in a tryst with her secret lover and that the lover had bitten off her nipple during a moment of passion. The wife has shown up at the military hospital for repairs.
More than one soldier walked in the door when he returned home and demanded that his wife drop her bra so that he could see if she was the guilty party.

New Police Uniform:
This is a Link

A third-of-a-sister would be a little less than a half-sister, Lairbo.

"Mayhem, defined in part under a 1931 Michigan law as mutilating another person's nose, is a 10-year felony."

Ten years for a nose, how much for a nipple?

NotSherly: A half-sister's second cousin?

A third-of-a-sister would be a little less than a half-sister, Lairbo.

Posted by: NotSherly | January 20, 2010 at 12:54 PM

So, a half-sister after you bite her nose off.

it's to spite your own face, silly!!

Yes, Markh, a half-sister once (nose) removed.

Nobody nose the trouble I seen.

Tyson Foods? Would that be Mike Tyson?

There's something bothering me about the second story. Let's review. You are outside a bar in Chicago. It's January so the temperature is probably 20 below, and being a police officer you are possibly sensible enough to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. How does someone get access under those layers so as to bite off your nipple? Just wondering. Then again it doesn't say whether the officer was male or female. Shoddy reporting in my humble opinion.

If you two don't stop fighting, I swear I'm going to stop this car!
(The voice of experience).

i'm sick of y'all makin' fun of us midwesterners.

bite me.

A truly titillating thread.



An important part of this nutritious breakfast!

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