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January 22, 2010


Spice Girls: The Musical

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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That's Scary.

Will Barry Manilow be in it ? No...? Then forget it.

Where's my comment?


*smacks nursecindy on general principles*

Fuller said their music "has influenced pop culture more than anyone can imagine".


Good one, dude.

As long as NONE of the originals are in the stageshow, and they hire people who can actually sing, then maybe it would be OK.
No, it wouldn't, would it?
We're all doomed - DOOMED I tells ya

Hey, I'd go see that.

With earplugs, of course.

The Spice Girls are already booked to be the halftime show at the apocalypse.


The Spice Girls I can live with, but the minute they start in on the New Kids on the Block, I'm gone!

Maybe living in an isolation chamber is an option?

I don't know any of their songs so they could pretty much sing any song in the musical and tell me it's a hit and I wouldn't know any difference.
Oh no Jeff didn't *SMACK* me! Siouxie I need to borrow the machete.

Hey Diva, look who's still kicking:


Which one is Slutty Spice?

I'm holding out for "BRITTENY SPEARS - THE MUSICAL".

All of them, bonmot.

I'm okay with this as long as they don't do anything with ABBA songs.


Just so long as they don't allow Pierce to sing again... ever.

Dexxy's Midnight Runner: The Documentary Musical

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