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January 25, 2010


It's getting ugly.

(Thanks to B'game, Matt Filar and Jeff Meyerson)


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It's getting smelly too.

Not as ugly and smelly as a Blobfish.

Definitely NOT a good name for a rock band.

He forgot to set it on fire

So he got fired for giving someone too much sh*t?

What a surprise.

What can you do for Brown?

Actually, Meanie: what can Brown do for you? Get you fired.

Don't they usually blow those packages up? Exploding Feces... wbagnfarb NOT!

Does that count as insubordination? Or expressing an opinion? Watch out, Washington.

"York was charged Friday with making false statements to police and obstruction."

That's a false accusation! He's definitely not obstructed anymore.

Am I the only one not getting new posts?

How could you tell me--I'm not getting new posts--duh.

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