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January 28, 2010


(Thanks to Bryan and sjhaller)


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Hey, Heifer, I mean, Kiefer....I got this bridge..."

The Amazing Steve made this up, right? Right?

Some cow punching might be in order.

Hey, nursecindy sent this in already!

Kiefer comes with his own bad subplot.

How NOW brown cow?

I am Jack
Here's my Sack
NOone gives ME any FLACK!
Give me ALL my money back,
or else your a$$ I will attack
I can do it with a gun
(with a gun is always fun)
With an ax, with a pen
(What a lot of AXtion then!)
With a cord around your neck
With a forklift, what the heck?!
With a knife, with a saw
Only I can break the law!

You $teered me wrong, you'll have to pay
...if you want to see another Day...

Beware of buying bull from strangers...

An addition to the "24" drinking game!

Kiefer Sutherland gets arrested, ripped off, or punches a papparazi -- DRINK!

I sent this in tooooooooooooooo

or should I say, mooooooooooooooooo

me too. I guess the enitre world sent this one in...

All hat, no cattle...

Cloey or Edgar would have smelled this one out in a second probably just using Facebook search engine. Wait.....Edgar....is....

Talk about a bum steer!

I think Bernie made off with the cattle.

Thank you Jeff. Yes I did send this is yesterday. Now Dave has made me cry again and at this rate I'll never have an incentive to get out of this wheelchair. Sniff, sniff.

Don't cry, Cindy. Have some candy...

I sent it in too but I'm not bitchin' *SMACKS* Jeff AND cindy!!

(Looks like Siouxie could use some of that "candy" too...)

It seemed like it would be a good thing.
But the cows of a Mexican hustling,
turned out not to be,
quite all one could see.
In fact it was Jack Bauer-rustling.

Why are you smacking me, Siouxie? I didn't whine about sending it in even though I did.


Thanks Steve! Suddenly I feel better.

Kiefer just doesn't get good decision making.

"Where's the beef?" asks ham.
Actor Keifer Sutherand is udderly disgusted as A-grade scheme turns to cow pie.

Sam Samudio Lives!

Am I the only person who saw this story and immediately thought "Don't they know that this is part of his Mexican cover?"

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