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January 25, 2010


Ohio Man Arrested on Charges of Urinating on $600 Worth of Steaks

(Thanks to Al O)


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They're tender now!

He was obviously confused about the meaning of "sirloin".

Has your loin been Knighted, Meanie??

"Hey, it's my favorite marinade, OK?"

Can't believe that they couldn't determine if alcohol was involved.

Walmart UriNation!

So they had to chuck it?

*Refrains from tasteless (ewww) ribeye joke*

It was a meat counter.
Evidently he wanted to display his too.

I'll bet he didn't wait for his number to be called, either.

refrains from mis-steak joke

In my limited experience with Wal-Mart steaks, I would guess that he was trying to improve the flavor.

I'll bet nursecindy will verify that fresh urine is sterile. Only after it sits around awhile does it become nasty with bacteria. Wash those steaks in vinegar and they will be perfectly safe to eat. Not commercially viable to sell, but perfectly safe to eat. Only in a rich country would food be thrown away just because somebody peed on it. Have you ever thought about what gets sprayed around when an animal is slaughtered?

No, I haven't thought about what gets sprayed around a slaughter house and I don't want to.

Excuse me waiter. On second thought, I'll have the vegetarian salad.

Alternate theory to alcohol: animal-rights activist.

Steak tips anyone?

Heck, when my Great-Uncle Nels used to leave his Lutefisk in the snowbanks outside the store in the winter, so the cold would freeze it and he wouldn't hafta refridgerate it, and the town's dogs all "saluted" it every day ... it wuz still bought (and one might assume, consumed) by the Norwegian and Finnish customers ... (p'haps there wuz a consideration that it improved the ... um ... flavor?)

Of course, U. Nels wuz a Swede ... mebbe that wuz his revenge? Or merely his commentary on the neighbors?

(Absolutely true story. ISIANMTU!)

My sister's a doctor, and she also says urine is sterile, but still...

Clown puppy, I agree with you.

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