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January 21, 2010


Last night was science-fair night at Sophie's elementary school. One of the projects sought to answer a question that has long puzzled humanity (although dogs worked it out years ago):


Some of the students submitted inventions. This one is called the "Bug Slapper."



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Er,... bottoms up!

I can't remember where I read about it (and I'm too lazy to Google it), but I remember reading about a young lady who successfully campaigned to bring bottled water into her school after being able to prove that the drinking fountains were in fact far dirtier than the commodes in the school.

Where's Sophie's entry?

(If I were Dave's kid, my SF project would be How to Get the Boogers Back Out of the Milk That Goes Through Your Nose When Your Dad Makes You Laugh)

So...what was the answer?

I would be curious to see the Bug Slapper in operation.... What does the light bulb do? Lure the bug in?

I'm intriqued....

tape and a light bulb- key components of any invention

Pretty good stuff for an Elementary School.

I don't know why she swallowed a fly . . .

It musta been in her eau de toilet cocktail, bon.

The 'Materials' list looks quite lengthy.
What's required besides a can & a straw?

My youngest received an A+ on his project that studied whether smaller amounts of snow melted faster than large amounts of snow. He also studied whether or not packing the snow makes a difference.

70 digital pictures later he had his answer. The highlight of the poster board presentation was the picture of the dog barking at the snow melting.

No one showed up in the Weinermobile to save the planet, did they?

Did you find anything interesting enough to include in "Science Fair 2"?

Whatever happened to the rescue lizards?

Data was puzzled by the question and Worf said " Washtok ! ".

Did anyone levitate a frog?

I definitely want a Bug Slapper (™) for my birthday.

I'm with Siouxie, Dave - what was the answer on the toilet water thing?

Those are awfully longs lists of "Materials" and "Procedures" for drinking out of a toilet.

My take on it:

Lift lid, insert face, drink.

Those of you with dogs might have to add a fourth procedure after the lid lifting: pushing the dog out of the way.

A real call-in to a radio show (in San Francisco, of course):

"If my dog drinks out of the toilet I used after dropping acid, will it get high?"

That sounds like a question someone should send in to Spike TV's "Manswers" ...

Did you wear your mad scientist fright wig? Is Ridley still dizzy from the experiment?

I hope they're keeping the secrets from these experiments safe from the evil-doers from Krpshtskan!

*takes back a coupla froms...*

As a head of a private school, I have often thought this would be a successful school fundraiser: "Parents, if you donate $1,000,000 to the annual fund, we will NOT have a science fair." Guaranteed success!

Is there really going to be a Science Fair 2? If so, when so my son will leave me alone about it. I don't think he realizes that it isn't up to me what authors write.

please explain the operation of BUG SLAPPER...........

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