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January 21, 2010


You need this.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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There is no way I would hand that to anyone without a signed receipt and a large deposit.

I SO need that.

How many members of upper level management NEEDED to have a penny in the eye.

I want that!! Very useful now during hell tax season.

Penny for your thoughts?? HAH!

There will be strict federal controls on these, of course, right?

Too bad he left the 7-10 split.

I'll wait for the automatic version.

I'd get some of those, but my company is really trying to nickel and dime us right now.

That's gonna be awesome on airplane flights into Miami!

i would so love that. would be great at staff mtgs. especially with our current bozos.

Actually going to his website leads to the information that although the penny shooter is a prototype, he does sell his catapult version!

Cold dead fingers....

I want one that will knock over full bottles!

I wonder if that's why the TSA kept questioning Ridley about his bookmarks when he and Dave were out strumpeting their book? A loaded bookmark would be a lot more powerful and dangerous.

You're gonna shoot your eye out, kid.

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