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January 20, 2010


(Thanks to DavCat and K-Doc)


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"Down Under" -- get it? Nice a-luge-tion

The thong...her last line of defense

LOL I'm cracking up!

Looks like she's in for a split decision... hey-oh!

May the wind always be at your back... er side?

But refrigerator repairmen everywhere took inspiration from it.

I thought that only happened in the swimming events.

reminded me of my plumbers cra...


think they cracked the top ten?
must be a gas fired luge...
she needs to put this BEHIND her and turn the other CHEEK
you bloggers have hit rock BOTTOM...
and you're over-ANALyzing..

I,ve got more....butt.....

she tells her partner...as soon as i jump on pull my finger..

damned thing is turbo-charged!!!

That reminded me, unfortunately, of my accidental discovery that one of our landscaping guys doesn't wear underwear. Or a belt.

Okay fess up. How many blog guys watched that video more than once?

five or six times - i kept wanting to see the reaction shot - you know, the look of horror, but they kept cutting it off too soon.

Now THAT's a haunch!

cindy, ...not a blog guy, butt... I was laughing so hard I had to watch that a couple of times.

Perhaps this caused the 'split'?

I suspect a jet-powered cheating scandal.

The plumber from down under.

We get the Universal Sports Channel here and they are running a lot of sliding qualifiers for the Olympics. Some of the womens luge shots can be really embarrassing. Above, front and right up between the legs at high speed. You can see who is wearing underwear under those skinsuits from the camel toe.

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