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January 20, 2010


Here comes John Daker.

(Thanks to the amazing barbershopper Tim Waurick)


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I wonder if she started teaching him when he was a child. Maybe if he knew the words??? Judi, that was painful to watch. I think it would have helped if she had played the piano a lot louder. Maybe it was just stage fright. I have the opposite problem. Put me on a stage and I don't want to leave or be quiet. Hard to believe isn't it? This is for Judi, or anyone else,to help them sleep. I'm going to listen to it myself.

Mr. Bean is back...on stage singing...Actually folks the gentleman has a very nice natural voice it comes through occasionally. On the other hand memorizing lyrics may not be his forte. If he had taken a few voice lessons from a professional and patient voice coach he could probably be crooning away and charming the ladies out of their saddle oxfords. Give him a hand and a hand to all of us amateurs who get up on stage to sing.
But ask him to spend a wee bit more time on those lyrics.

Dude, I sent this in back at the end of december!!! Ignored once again...

wow,those are some expressive eyebrows!



Since when does Michael Bloomberg sing about Chr!st?

Christ has risen...that's amore?


Way too early to watch this.


my ears are bleeding

*thanks nursecindy for posting the antidote to this song*

*throws tiny rocks at Judi for posting the original assault*

Jeff: Bloomberg would've just paid someone to sing it for him.

And, yes, I agree, there should be some warning to not watch something before coffee.

The Lord just went back into the cave....


Oh thanks, cindy. Love my Billy ;-)

♬ Hmmm mmm mmmm...mmm mmm...tha't annoying...♭

♪ He's got Betty Davisserial killer eyes ♫

That's a mor-on!

Those CIA enhanced interrogations were much worse than I ever imagined. Curse you, Yoo.

What's so hard about the lyrics?

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore

When an eel bites your hand, and that's not what you planned, that's a moray.

When our habits are strange,and our customs deranged, that's our mores.

When your horse munches straw, and the bales total four, that's some more hay.

When Othello's poor wife, she gets stabbed with a knife, that's a Moor, eh?

When a Japanese knight, used a sword in a fight, that's Samurai

A New Zealander man with a permanent tan, that's a Maori

When two patterns combine, in a way serpentine, that's a moire

He tells jokes, he's a ham; his last name's Amsterdam-dat's-a Morey

If yer vitamins be mostly C, D and E....take some more A

If 'King Kong' has gone flat, rent the flick 'Vampire Bat': that's some more Wray

When you get off your bike, and then go for a hike, that's a foray

When you read a good book, with a dark spooky look, that's du Maurier

There are chicks at this school, who make Philly guys drool, that's Bryn Mawr, eh?

When the docs see inside, that the jock's knee is fried, that's MRI

When a lobbyist cries, 'Handguns only SAVE lives', that's NRA

When large gold nuggets shine in Canadian mines, that's some ore, eh?

When the moon has a sea, though as dry as can be, that's a mare

When a glacier dries out and leaves rocks strewn about, that's a moraine

When Hawaiian man eyes isle with second-prize size, that's-a Maui

More verses here.

Well, he beats the heck out of me.
Perhaps a mild sedative would have helped everyone involved.

*beats head on piano, repeatedly*

*notices the result is more tuneful than the unfortunate Mr. Daker.*

Be sure to watch the cartoonized version of him that shows up as an option at the end. I am crying it's so funny, or maybe I had too much coffee. I am making a note to request this medley for our Easter service this year. The songs go so well together.

lol katie ur right - funny stuff!

OMG, Katie that was wonderful.

Twisted but wonderful.

Well at least the expression on his face showed that it was as painful an experience for him as it was for us.

My favorite part actually was the intro: "a tune that's very popular nowadays: 'Christ the Lord Is Risen Today'" - what universe do these people live in?

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