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January 25, 2010


The Potato Chip Hand.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Don't need it - but I SO want it!


*wipes grease on blog*

My cats' lives will soon be a living Hell.

*Evil laugh*

Japanese boffins come through for us again!

When will Jack invade Tokyo?

I bet it can also be used for picking boogers. Just not at the same time.

Geaux Saints!

...they’re especially targeting 'heavy' computer users ...

Why? we skinnies don't love chips, too?

They're just luring you in, Jeff. Then they crush your hopes and dreams.

If only they had something like this for cigarette smokers.


wasn't me....it was the hand...

Do they make a head-slapping version for those who have oily skin?

Why do they need this? They have chop sticks!

Keepinnnnnnng the crummmmmmbs frommmmmmm jammmmmmmminnnnnng the keys is the real problemmmmmmm.

thanks. now that i gave up eating greasy stuff. thanks a boatload.

And people think I'm weird for eating buttered popcorn with a spoon, when I'm online.

It's going to be a big hit on those crowded subway trains . . .

Good point, Sheherazahde.

Telecom, that's a hilarious mind pic! Whut? Don't they have napkins there? And Souxie, I think you'd have to ask for the thin-fingered model for nose-picking... SNORK!

Eilbe - oh, we have napkins, but when you love popcorn as much as me, that's a LOT of wiping. I no longer have the letters on some of my keyboard buttons, because they've been "buttered off" !
Good thing I can type without them - but it does explain my many typos !

Now if they could only put it on a robot who could feed us and get the bag and change our recliner when we go in it.

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