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January 20, 2010


Man opens bag of Cheese Rings, finds one

Apparently is is a very slow news day in Australia.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Key quote: "What you lose on the hurdy-gurdy you pick up on the roundabout," he said.'

Whatever-t-f-THAT means?!

That's what you get for buying Cheat-O's.

That's bullcrap. He ate 'em all.

I mean...wouldn't you notice if there was just one???

bon, I usually keep my hurdy-gurdy pretty close. Just in case.

He wouldn't have noticed how light and flat the package was when he took it out of the box?

Well, you can't just eat one! [geezer reference. Sorry, yungins]

"What you lose on the hurdy-gurdy you pick up on the roundabout"

This is my new catchphrase.

yeah, lairbo, remember those commercials. i think they were with ed wynn.

The roundabout is what we Americans call the merry-go-round. But the normal phrase is, "what you lose on the swings, you make up on the roundabout."

>>"I was devastated," he said.<<

Our new National Cheese Ring Package insurance coverage will take care of that.

I've never seen an entire continent have a slow news day before. No two-headed kangaroos to be found?

Boy, 12, gets shoes after 100 sex sessions
Conman poses as female swimsuit model
Man's death 'triggered by Avatar'
Overseas gangs skim $50 million
Southern Cross 'becoming like swastika'

woah, what a day.

I think I would have noticed that the package was kind of light and flat. I think he ate the rest of them. I don't know what's worse. The fact this was in the news or the fact I was concerned about it.

It happens. Those bags are filled by machine and not every bag is checked. Some plants have a blower that is supposed to blow a light bag off the line, some don't.
It has been apparent for some time that the English don't speak English. I was not aware that Australians don't, either.

You'd have thought the brainiac would have noticed it was light (as Siouxie said), but then maybe he had the munchies and grabbed 10 bags to go?

Also, my itial thought was: a mouse or giant Australian cheeto(™)-eating spider got into the bag and ate the rest.

initial rather than whatever the bot threw up there

He found a cheese ring in a bag on cheese rings. What did he expect to find, cheese squares?

Horace -- and the hurdy gurdy?

Hurdy-gurdy in OZ must have some meaning that is in addition to the musical. Either that or this guy has a bit of a problem with playground equipment.

'Tis then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love,
Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love.
Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, gurdy he sang.
Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy.

100 calorie bag. No big.

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