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January 22, 2010


Senior Austin Knight says "C and L ran off" and it's not the fault of the three students, wearing A, S and S, who also were fined $135.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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As a (non)professional Photoshop user, I can attest to the fact that it's NOT going to cost $135.00 to retouch that photo. If it does, I need to start charging way more for my services (assuming that I actually get any clients).

Hey, at least they can spell.

"Ass" is offensive? Donkeys of the world, rise up and sue!

Don't ASSUME that C and L will stick around or they'll make an ASS out of U and ME.

Will they still PASS if they lose their pee?

Senior Raymond C@rrigan said the students were "ignorant and disrespectful."

Senior Raymond C@rrigan IS the ASS OF 2010.


hee hee

The B.C. EAGLES become the BEAGLES when the C runs off.

I think I found Senior Raymond C@rrigan's class picture.

Good one, cindy.

Thank you, Mr./Ms. AP writer, for pointing out that removing "C" and "L" from CLASS leaves "an offensive three-letter word." As poor as our education system may be, I think at least 100% of guys picked up on that right away.

In a similar vein, the illuminated sign for the "Spee Dee" car wash near my home has lost the "S" and "D", to the great amusement of the guy persons in my household.

*wonders if Mad Librarian has met Mad Scientist*

C and L were just being a pain in the offensive three-letter word.

How ignorant could these kids be? They knew what would be spelled if C and L walked off.

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