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January 19, 2010


These people are out of their freaking minds. They'd better watch their backs.¹

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)

¹Not buying it, huh?


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Or, they could have just asked any guy with a hot wife me.

This could explain why Siouxie took up the machete.

A possible explanation for e-agent Freckles' use of the Dual Saw in foreplay.

Thank you, pad ;-)

I'd take back my *SMACK* but I know how much you enjoy it.

It's not easy being beautimous. *sigh*


(I'm buying it Judi.)

Good test case, Horace. We should survey all the male bloglets thusly:

After the hot ex-FBI agent on '24' handcuffed, mutilated, and left for dead a scuzzy Russian gangster, did you swear to never again be aroused by her freckles, flashing eyes, and step-dancing-trained thighs?

If you answered Yes, how long did you last?
A) Until the next closeup of her freckles.
B) Until the next time the top button of her blouse threatened to pop open.
C) Until she dope-slapped Jack and told him not to keep her waiting too long while he cleaned up the mess.

Oh, golly, what a surprise. (And yes, I found out the same way that WriterDude did.)


*hair flip*


My current wife is hot, blonde, and a LAWYER.

That's actually how we met. We were opposing counsel.

It was verrrrrry civil litigation . . .

And bon, does she refer to you as her "current husband"?

And the accompanying picture is of not much more than knee-length leather boots. Methinks some editor's fetish is showing...

It's a bitch when the looks go and the attitude stays.

*Snorks* @ Loudmouth and then *smacks* him.

Looks are an immediate attractor but attitude can cancel that out in a millisecond.
A relatively plain but pleasant person is more attractive after you've known her for a few minutes.
At least that's how I feel.

I guess it's difficult to be civil with all your muscles clenched.

All blog guys with hot wives, which would be a good idea for a TV show, just be careful if said wife starts referring to you as her 'first' husband and you're not divorced. My mom always introduced my dad that way and it drove him crazy. They're still married after 50 years.

^5, Marco! Hope yours is worth it. Mine is.

Nursecindy, at least she didn't call him her "Starter husband".

great come-back, "future ex-wife"

my wife must thinks she's halle freakin berry.

"Starter" sounds better than "Temp".

Yup, the Beautiful People don't have to bother with respectful conflict-resolution.

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